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Meditation technique that different than anyone you read. I notice people have use other books to teach others, so I will do the same. My learning is from the Bhagavad-Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam. But this is My way.

How to 'direct the life air'.

With the mind, focus on your feet.

Then have the mind focus on your navel.

Then have the mind focus on the heart.

Then have the mind focus on the chest.

Then have the mind focus on the throat.

Then have the mind focus on the third eye (mind).

If you done with your eyes open, your vision feels as it has been moved, mini blurry, tampered.

If you close your eyes focus on the six primary places and focus for a few second.

You shall see what you have done.

Now you understand that you are moving the super soul, the invisible God breath by the use of the mind.

You bring to the third eye, you are focused upon the self.

The essence, the super soul that can't be seen or know nor understood by looking.

Think of how you have focus on the specific parts of the body.

Think of how you have close your eyes and move it.

Understand that you can move this energy all over the body and outside the body by concentration of the mind.

With the mind focus on the navel.

With enough focus, the belly will feel knotted.

You have generated the Atom. God breath, life air.

Just how you focus on the primary places.

With the mind, imagine you are moving the energy in the navel and it is moving up to the shoulder, down the arm, to the palm and fingers.

You shall feel the energy is moving just by the power of the mind focusing the energy is moving.

With the mind focus on the top of the palm, the above area.

Feel the senses that's on the outer edge of the skin, the hands.

You already know NOW that the mind has the super soul generated above the palm.

You will feel an invisible glow.

With the mind focusing on that energy atom, imagine the energy is moving clockwise on the palm.

You shall feel the invisible energy moving clockwise.

Now with the mind imagine the energy is going through the fingers.

You shall feel as if wind is passing through your fingers.

This energy that you hold in your hand can be negative or positive or both.

Now since you understand the movement of the super soul or atom, the Life Air of God Breath.

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