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[ Attraction using energy, Bunthorn Tim Version ]
Before you wash your face, input soap onto the hand.
Do not mix with water yet.
Now feel your entire body is 'attractive'.
With the mind, use the mouth and say 'attractive' softly and let the breath that carries the word into the soap.
So you see the idea, when you say a word, the breath carries that very word.
So will the heart and mind.
With the mind, envision the forehead [within the third eye area] shoot an energy that carries the word 'attractive' into the soap.
With the mind, envision the heart shoot an energy that carries the word 'attractive' into the soap.
Now the mouth, heart and mind energy word 'attractive is hovering above the soap', it's 3x stronger.
Envision the energies 'flows inside the soap'.
You must feel 'that the energy will cause you to be attractive'.
If you done correctly, you will feel the energy field of the soap 'sparkle' with a soft glow and their much 'love feeling'.
Now wash your face with the soap.
Then wash your face with water and feel the glow on your face.
Now you be very attractive for the day!
[ Warp into vision ]
The left eye carry an energy and the right eye carry an energy.
It's not negative or positive energy.
You use the mind and control both energy on each eyes and move to the center.
Once the two energy collide and formed in the center of the vision. An image of place will appear.
In the darkness there is light. The light moves constantly in the darkness.
As you stare into the center long enough you see images as the light changes to pictures.
Use the mind and go forward by digging deeper in the vision until there a sense of knowing that the vision and mind is connected.
Once connected, you can visualize a person or place or thing and the vision will show that very images, it will be very vivid as of you are looking at the sky.
Once the image is clear, the body will feel light, a weight of nothingness. You will enter that portal.
[ Location ]
You focus on a room.
As you know your energy is there, you spread the energy so it fill up the room.
Big or medium, your choice.
Once the energy filled that particular spot. You can feel how wide it is.
As you still focusing on the energy field that has the image of that room.
You move that very energy field that carries the room/image to the third eye.
You can also move it into the vision.
Once you centered in the vision.
You get the see that very spot within.
Once the image in the vision comes clear, you can warp into the vision.
You can also see other planets, forest, outer space, other stars, even outside this universe.