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I am doing this Article for people to learn more on spell casting.

What is Spell Casting?

Spell casting is practicully praying to the universe, asking for a change in your life. Spells are not what you see on television, spell casting takes work and dedication to learn them. Spell casting should not be performed unless you know what you are doing.

Spells require intentions, you must have clear intention (meaning you must know what you want). Spells are quite narrow in that part, you got to know what you want otherwise it wont work or it can cause a backfire.

What does the elements have to do with magick?

The 4 element are very powerful, and mixed with our element which is soul, it is even more powerful. We use the elements in our crafts and religions a lot, such as fire, we use that in candle lighting, water we use in blessing on the full moon,...ect.

We are said to be connected to the elements, this is because our soul is one of them. Don't take this are you are something powerful (which our soul is). Our souls are bound to the universe and our physical bodies are bound to our soul until death, we loose the attachment of our bodies when we die.

The elements are a basic nature in our magickal practices, in which everyone should learn.

What are some easy spells for beginners?

In all actuallity there is no easy spells, spells all take a type of dedication, energy, focus, and will.

What I mean by dedication, is you must apply yourself to what you need to do this spell.

What I mean by energy, is you must gain up enough energy to do the spell.

What I mean by focus, is you must learn how to focus that energy.

What I mean by will, is you must be able to will that energy into the spell.

Time and spells.

Spells don't have an exact time limit, spells will take as long as they need to work, no matter how much you cast the spell you will get the same result. No spells will make time go faster to make it work, there is only patients after casting a spell.

The spell will work if it's possible, if your intentions were clear, if you did the right steps,...ect.

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Sep 30, 2019
Thx for the info

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