What is Magick?

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The question that rumbles through peoples thoughts is, what is magick. Magick is only energy manipulated by magick practitioners to their will.

What is Magick?

Our Universe is filled with invisible things, stuff no one can see (unless they commit themselfs). A lot of people have lost their ways to seeing what is plainly there in front of them, and one of these things are seeing energy, energy is the key to all magick, without it magick wouldn't exist.

People can give you a whole biography on what magick is, but in all aspects magick is only energy that we manipulate to our will.

How can I achieve magick?

Magick can be achieved by hard work and dedication to practice, now if you are new, you don't go directly into spells casting, this is the common misconception, many kids and adults, now a days want to start off in the middle of magick, which is spell casting. Please know that you can't run until you can walk. So start from the beginning. Which is reading, a lot of magick is about reading...you can not escape that.

There are hundreds of articles and forum posts that are very knowledgeable, but also beware of the fluff on here too.

Can I cast transformation spells?

No, another misconception is, please watch movies such as; Charmed, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries,...ect. And they think they can transform into those creature, I am sorry but no, in the physical realm (the realm we live in), we can not transform. We can not go outside the laws of physics.

So spells such as; Vampire spells, Werewolf spell, Mermaid Spells, Weight Loss & Weight Gain, Eye color change, Skin Color Change, Hair Color Change, Hair Growth,...and many other, are physically impossible to achieve by magick.

If you go onto the "Public Chat" or onto "Forums" and say you are for example, A vampire, you will be concidered role-playing, in which is against the rules of the site, and will be warned by a moderator, if continuing you will be gagged.

Religions & Practices

There are a lot of religions and practices, in which you will find one if you read, if not it's not a big deal, you do not need a religion to practice magick.

Religion are something to help narrow stuff to learn (but in all actuality we should try to learn a little of all religions). Religions should be read about before joining.

How to join a coven real and online?

Here on SoM, we have a verity of covens to choose from. We have "Spell Casters" in which is a non-runned coven, which means there is no Priest or Priestess, all members are automatically excepted and placed on "Council" position.

Council members, Priests, and Priestesses may place meterial on the Articles and Spells.

They can also deleted, lock, and stick their forum threads. So please mind them, even on a online coven, you should treat them like a family, help each other, be nice to each other, and respect your Priest and Priestess.

There are some covens that require you to fill out an application and send it through message to either the Priest, Priestess, and sometimes they ask for you to send it to both. Applications must be filled out truthfully and thoroughly.

Offline covens shouldn't be created by newbies, if you are new to magick, then you shouldn't be starting with creating your own coven, otherwise you will not be just misinforming yourself but other members of your coven as well.

Offline covens don't particularly look for people under the age of 18+, so it's hard for teens to look for actual covens to join, all underage people must have a parental signiture to join a coven, any coven event must be discussed and be okayed by the parents of the underages.

Otherwise it's illegal and can get the Priest, Priestess, or both into legal trouble.


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