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I am writing a bit about the Salem Witch Hunt...My information was founded on Google. Do not remember specific site. I am not copying the sites work, I have written this little essay with my own words.

Through the past witches were burned by the stake as you very well know. This was done because of many reasons, because of William Shakesphere's play about witches riding brooms, cursing helpless victims..ect.

People believed magick was devil worship and no one should be in contact with someone that did that. Witches were demons and were servents to Satan himself. Through out the bible it was written "None should suffer a witch." which this was written in earlier years.
This burning by the stakes started in Europe and trailed across the globe. Here in America (in Salem) they did not do the burnings, they rather had trials and or killed them by hanging or shot. Saddly most of the people who were killed in the Salem raid for witches, were murly innocent. Witches may seem easy to get but they are not.

What the guards (authority) did, was get everyone to accuse anyone of being a witch, and anyone the authority thought was a witch was arrested and placed on trials. Hundreds of women died during the Salem Witch Hunt. Women were mostly suspected, this was because the myths that were spread was women.

Men were suspected as Socerers and or Wizards, but they were not really inforced upon men. Until the night that they found a male witch. They had him killed.

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Dec 13, 2019
Your misinformation began with your first sentence, most accused of witchcraft were not burned. In Salem, specifically, they were hung, died in jail, or crushed to death. Hundred's did not die in Salem, and they were not all woman. 19 people were hung, one was crushed, 4 died in jail and 140-150 were arrested. Nobody was shot. Yes, men were killed, one of the first witches killed was Reverend George Burroughs. He was hung on Gallows Hill along with Martha Carrier, John Willard, George Jacob Jr, and John Proctor in August of 1692. The person crushed was Giles Corey. Woman were first accused, but they were not the only victims of the trials. All the people killed in Salem were innocent. They were accusing people who were disliked in the community, or had a lot of wealth. The only person who may of been a witch was Tituba, the slave woman who the girls claim taught them a few divination techniques. She survived, but has been lost to history. It is believed she was sold and that is why we lost all record of her. Stepping away from Salem and addressing your quote of the King James Bible. That was not the original text. King James who wrote the darn thing added a lot of lines about ''killing witches'' after he married his wife, Anne of Denmark. Anne's brother was having his own witch trials, and then James had a run in with some alleged Scottish witches which prompted him to write Demonology and his own version of the bible in the hopes of killing witches. That quote was a mistranslated that was zhooshed up to appear fancy. In reality, he was paranoid, and the king, and nobody would argue with the man. Salem was by no means an outlier, nor was it particularly gruesome. We just love to retell it. There has been plenty of trials from across the globe, with thousands of more interesting/horrifying tales to go with them. Salem was the perfect storm, a town gone mad, and it came and went rather suddenly. It is tragic that it happened, but the powers surrounding it, that is where the real intrigue lies.

Dec 16, 2019
The Salem Witch is an outrage to us Witches

Dec 17, 2019
Why Salem specifically? There were plenty of trials throughout history, some arguably far worse than that of Salem. Salem is a cautionary tale of fear leading the masses. The first handful of accused witches the townsfolk were fine with, but it slowly devolved into a fear campaign against people you did not like. At one point in the trials, many did not agree with them, but were too afraid to speak out. It should also be noted it was not simply in Salem town, some accused witches were as far away as Boston. The accused who died were from the neighbouring communities surrounding Salem.

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