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A supportive medicine bag for those in recovery from serious, life threatening addiction.

You will need: Stones: Agate Purple Sage or Amethyst Agate Nebula Stone Hematite Petrified Wood Clear Quartz Moss Agate Iolite-Sunstone or Iolite and Sunstone Moon Jasper Lithium Quartz or Lepidolite Gem Silica or Chrysotile Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite or Selenite Bentonite Candle: 12 inch Green Taper Oil: Rose or any of your choice for healing. I chose rose because so much of addiction has to do with broken homes and misunderstandings. Medicine Bag: Green Ink: Doves Blood Seals: Figure 25- Greater Keys of Solomon, First Mars Figure 26- Greater Keys of Solomon, Second Mars (the seals are optional and can be substituted with a seal for healing of your liking) Hours and Days to be prepared: Sunday: 5 AM, NOON, 7 PM Monday: 2 AM, 9 AM, 4 PM, 11 PM Tuesday:6 AM, 1 PM, 8 PM Wednesday: 3 AM, 10 AM, 5 PM, MIDNIGHT Thursday: 7 AM, 2 PM, 9 PM Friday: 4 AM, 11 AM, 6 PM Saturday: 1 AM, 8 AM, 3 PM, 10 PM The hours listed are for maximum benefit wile using the seals listed above. This is serious work and should be done in a protective circle. I use salt to make my circle and then call in the 4 Arch angles Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael to protect me wile doing this work. Light a white candle and then do a circle of salt around it big enough for you to work in. Stand in your circle facing South and call Michael to join you. I focus on Michael and say his name 3 times. Then I wait to feel his presence before moving on. Face West and call on Uriel to join you. Face North and call on Raphael. Face East and call on Gabriel. You are now ready to begin your work. Consecrate your Green Taper Candle with Rose or the oil of your choosing for healing purposes. Light the green candle Clear the stones with Fire( run the stones over the flame of the candle saying you clean the stone with the power of fire). Air ( I would use the smoke of sage for this purpose), Earth (sprinkle stone with salt), Water (sprinkle stone with water). The stones should now be nice and clean. You may wish to consecrate the stones with an oil of your choice for the purpose of healing. I use rose oil. When charging them I often hold them in my power hand (the one I write with) and focus on the energy each stone possesses. Some times I will use a verbal affirmation for each stone that I have prepared. Place the stones in a green medicine bag. The final step is to do your seals. You can ether draw the seals on the bag or on a parchment to be placed in the bag. This is when you should consider the time. It will be ok if it is not the proper time but I like all the help I can get. Write the seals in Doves Blood ink either on the bag or on parchment to be placed in the bag. When all this is done you can thank the Angles for protecting you wile you work and release them. I do this starting in the south and going counter clock wise and finishing in the south. Your medicine bag is now ready to presented to the person afflicted with addiction.

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Feb 20, 2020
Once you give it to someone then what do they do with it

Feb 21, 2020
I believe they are to carry it with them like a charm to reduce the craving for the thing they're addicted to.

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