How to Meditate

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Meditation is one of the basics for magick. It is also a really important aspect of ones life.

Meditation is really important, it can bring one peace, knowledge, enlightenment, focus, courage, confidence etc. The power meditation holds cannot be explained in words. It can do the impossible but that comes far away for now we must know how to meditate and truly understand what meditation is.

To meditate: Stretch before meditating, get good excercise, maintain a good diet. Meditation can be done sitting on a chair, lying on the bed, or sitting on the floor. Those? are the 3 basics ones. There are advanced ones but I recommend that you avoid thoses for now as they are very hard to hold.

It does not really matter how you choose to sit as long as you are comfortable and know that you can sit like that for a while. If not, change your position to? make you self as comfortable as possible, If you are not comfortable then you can't focus on meditation. So get comfortable.

Next close your eyes and either leave your hands by your sides or stack one hand on top of another. It does not matter which hand you put on top. Allow yourself to? relax from your head to your toe, just let go of everything. Do not hold on to anything, let your body relax. Next focus on your breath, do not count how many breaths you take in or out. Just? focus on your breath.? If you have thoughts coming to you simply let them go and focus on your breath. Do not chant any mantra or anything just complete silence. You will start to notice that your breath gets shorter and shorter until there is no breath. Yes the breath will be gone it will only be in your mind but you wont notice that. This will be the meditative state.? Now just stay there and everything will just happen automatically.? Just let it happen. Do this as many times as you want.

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