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A brief explanation of Kitchen Witchery.

Introduction to Kitchen Witchery
Firstly I would like to clarify, just because you cook, doesn't make you a kitchen witch. A kitchen witch is someone who uses practical(Simple) magic at home for the home or family. Kitchen witchery is basically domestic magick. It is simple so no long incantations or words spoken. They work with intent. The food made is made with the right intent and feeling, to bring about desired change.
Kitchen witches use intent. They want love, they will prepare something with strawberries, while keeping their intent to bring love throughout the entire process. They don't set up a circle and an altar. They don't invoke the elements or specific deities. They practice a very practical form of magic.
Many witches have herbs in their garden and in their kitchen. Aloe vera(protection) and basil(brings good luck) often grows in the kitchen of a kitchen witch. They have knowledge of herbs and plants. They know what each means and brings, and they know how to use it in a kitchen. Kitchen witches also don't just prepare food. They brew potions, they make medicine
Kitchen witchery is also sometimes practiced by those who wish to keep a secret from their familiy or new lovers. They don't want them to know that they are a witch or practice witchcraft, so they use kitchen witchery as a way to practice magic and do spells without making it obvious.
Kitchen witches also uses tools, but not the same tools we use. Lets just stop really quickly and have a brief look at the tools:
The athame, and boileen is used to direct energies. Their culinary counterpart then is knives. Knives are used to cut the herbs or get some things from your garden, and then to cut them in the right posistion, size, or whatever, to 'direct' what is being done.
The wand is used to direct energies in a similar way as the Athame but not the same. The culinary counterpart then is spoons. If you think about it stirring the food "stirs" up energy and directs the energy.
The besom is used to cleanse the area of negative energies. So does a normal broom and cloth, when it comes to kitchen witchery.
The cauldron is known as the "womb of the Goddess" it is where energies are mixed and made for a specific purpose. Their culinary counterpart is of course then pots, pans, etc.
Heat is energy, and heat is used to transform things. It could be to heat up passion, to speed things up. It brings about change. Cold is similar, but in the opposite way. It is used to slow things down, to bring something to a stop.
Stirring in a clockwise direction is to draw good energy, whilst stirring in an anti-clockwise direction is used to send out negative energies. You would for example stir clockwise to bring money, love, luck, that type of thing. You would stir anti-clockwise if you for example want to banish, get rid of, send back energies.
The kitchen becomes the sacred space...
This will be all for this article, I hope you liked it and Blessed be!

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