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This will help you figure out if you are a Real Vampire. This is 100% real so don't worry. I wouldn't be wasting my time on writing about "Twilight" or "Skyrim".

First of all I would like to thank all of you for reading this article. I also apologize for any grammar, spelling errors, but I moved from a different country 2 years ago so I might have little problems with English. OK, Let's get started!

1. As a kid, were you the strongest, smartest, or quickest kid in the class?

2. Are you extremely energetic at night but around the time the sun comes up become extremely tired?

3. Are your six senses more enhanced than most other peoples, i.e. vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and intuition?

4. Do you tend to react to things like catching a falling object or other normally unexpected things at an almost psychic speed?

5. Do you tend to get a high from human blood? When drinking someone's blood do you tend to find yourself being able to do something that they could do (that you couldn't do) about 2 weeks after drinking it?

6. Are you sensitive to light or the heat from it? (Ranging from getting a bad headache from the glare to burning very easily.)

7. How often do you look at the person that almost bumped (or bumped) into you and think "you idiot" or "people are so stupid" because they didn't know you were only a couple feet away from them, because you always know when someone is that close to you? (Which, when you think about it, you only know because you can sense when someone is that close to you).

8. Is there a noticeably different color surrounding the pupil? (Inner part of the color of your eyes.)

9. Do the words "come on outside, it's a nice bright sunny day, and there's a lot of people out," seem more like a bad thing than a good thing to you, as opposed to the guy who said it to you, saying it with a big happy smile?

10. Were you born with a number of health problems, including heart problems that quickly went away on their own?

Well, That's it! I hope I helped you and if you have some questions about the article, please don't be afraid to ask.

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May 31, 2019
you're human. vampires are not physical beings [psi vampires don't count, they just drain energy, they're nothing like mythological blood sucking vampires] no spell will change this, and you were not born a vampire. you are a human. many of these points aren't even special to vampires, and are normal things humans do. teens need more sleep and are often more awake later in the day and into the night, so being more awake at night doesn't prove you're a vampire. thinking people are ''stupid'' when they bump into you is also normal when you're in a bad mood, are an angsty teen, or just a human who doesn't like strangers bumping into them. many other points are normal human attributes that could come as a result of genetics [fast, strong, great reflexes, don't these just make you a good athlete? also being more sensitive to light/heat is another genetic attribute. if your parents are short, there's a good chance you'll be short. if they're athletic, theres a good chance you will be too, allergies, health issues, if your parents have it, you might inherit it too]

Feb 23, 2021
Do you find yourself able to do something another can do, that you've never been able to do before? None of the questions on this list are attributed to vampires in fantasy, including the above quote. As Neko said, much of what is listed is genetics related. I do not recommend anyone go biting people to taste their blood to see if it will give them a talent of another. Human beings are just that, human beings whether heat sensitive, short or not.

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