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Scroll of Phoenix is a scroll of knowledge about the natural aspects as well as universal aspects of telekinesis. This is not meant for joking purposes.


Photokinesis is the psychic ability to control light which is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye and which is emitted and absorbed in tiny "packets" called photons. Photokinetic users can generate, bend, shift, focus, scatter and/or generally manipulate light to various decrees and effects.. To the greater extent, one could make themself invisible. Photokinesis can also be used to create illusions, generate light shields/force fields, and project an healing energy too.

Exercise 1: Photon Clump

1. Go into a room that is dimly or partially lit.

2. Focus on one portion of the room and visualize groups of photons grouping there, forming light.

3. See this light growing and expanding, until the whole room is slightly brighter.

Exercise 2

1. Take a small object, like a clothespeg.

2. Focus your attention on the object, but do not look directly at it.

3.Look at it out of the side of your eye. Picture the photons clumping into that shape and changing colour. With time, an exact copy (a little bit blurry) should appear before you.

4.Move on to larger objects when the blur no longer appears, and then finally try it on yourself.

Visual Exercise

Step One. Charge your physical body with energy.

Step Two. Then place a stone in front of you .

Step Three. Focus your mind on the stone in front of you.

Step Four. Then close your eyes and visualize the stone.

Step Five. Then visualize that your energy is blending with the stone.

Step Six Then focus your mind on turning the stone invisible.

Step Seven When the stone is not visible anymore hold it there for a minute.

Step Eight Then focus your mind on turning the stone visible again.

Remember Do steps six to eight a couple of times and if you want try using another small object. When you think your ready try this exercise with a large object.

Invisibility Physical object Physical Technique

Step One Charge your physical body with prana or lifeforce energy.

Step Two Then place a small stone or crystal in front of you.

Step Three Now focus your thoughts on the object and concentrate.

Step Four In your own time close your eyes and visualize the object.

Step Five Visualize that your energy is blending with the object, feel that you and the object are one.

Step Six Concentrate, feel and focus your mind, feel the object becoming invisible see the object becoming invisible.

Step Seven Then hold it there for a minute or so.

Step Eight Then focus your mind on the object and see it again as the object again returns to being visible infront of you.

Remember Do steps six to eight two or three times.

Physical Invisibility Introduction

Physical Invisibility is a little different to visual in visibility because with physical visibility we use Kundalini energy from the seven major centres in the chakra system to form the black photonic cloud of invisibility this is done by projecting energy from the seven centres into the auric field and forming the black photonic cloud. Physical ability For preparation find a quiet place and get comfortable and relax and for this technique you will need a mirror.

Step One Now in your own time close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths feel the chest rise and fall and relax.

Step two Then visualize the base chakra. At the base of chakra there is a well of energy this well is known as the jewel of the lotus within the jewel there is a light golden energy. Visualize that this golden energy is trickling out of the jewel and spreading out into the chakra. As the chakra spins see the chakra becoming golden in colour with its light radiant energy. Feel that energy.

Step Three Now focus on the second chakra and do the same, see the jewel at the centre and see this radiant energy trickling out into the 2nd chakra fill it with its radiant energy.

Step Four Then move on to the 3rd chakra and do the same for this chakra and the other chakra's till all seven chakra's are filled with the radiant golden light of kundalini energy

Step Five Now once you have reached the seventh chakra see the seven chakra's and feel this light golden energy continually flowing into the chakra's till it starts to over flow into the physical body and move that energy through your physical body and out into the auric field till you reach the seventh layer of the auric field.

Step six The visualize that the golden clouds are forming in the auric field and instruct the clouds the change form their natural golden colour to a black colour when ever you focus your mind on being invisible and to return to the natural colour when you focus your mind on being visible. do this now.

Step Seven Now that we have created the photonic cloak of invisibility it time to see how you went open your eyes and focus on the mirror in front of you see your reflection and as you watch focus your mind on the photonic clouds and feel them changing from their natural golden colour to black.

Step Eight Now as you do this see and feel your reflection vanishing in front of you and once you have vanished hold it there for a moment.

Step Nine After a couple of minutes focus your mind on the photonic clouds again and feel them returning to their natural golden colour. As you do this see your reflection reappearing in front of the mirror. Remember Write down all your sensations and experiences while you were performing this ability for future reference and remember master the visual ability before moving on to this physical ability. Note Note if this ability dosen't work the first time you try if don't be discouraged it may only be a matter of changing the photonic clouds till they're strong enough this can be done by doing the ability daily and if it's still not working make reference to your notes. If you're still having trouble with this ability try doing it with your visual body because the change can only take place inside you.*

Boos of Light

To do this, instinctively draw light into your physical body with a hand from the sun or another light source. While doing this, also instinctively use the light you are drawing in to fuel your physical body up as much as you want. Remember to listen to your instincts when using this ability. Your body does have energy limits but you wont be able to gain anymore then you have.

This ability is very good for photokinesis and other abilities of that type.

Attentive Lighting

To do this ability look at a darkened area. As you do, ignore the darkness that is in this area while paying attention to the light that is coming into this area. Do this until you only see light in this area. This ability, depending on the user's mental power, may work for only an instant or longer than an instant. If you feel discomfort, stop using this ability and wait until you are well enough to use it again. If you cannot use this ability, it might be because it is being blocked so self-examine yourself just in case.


* Heliokinesis

Heliokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate solar energy with the mind. This makes the person endowed with this power capable of performing a special type of photosynthesis which actually allows the body to absorb the sun's direct energy and literally make your own food.

Levels Of Control

At first, one can increase the heat and intensity of light into burning small pieces of paper(for example), or simply amplify photosynthesis in plants .

Heliokinesis Techs

Solar ball

Sit and relax, now visualize the sun, feel the heat, see how bright is. Now visualize that yellow bright and hot energy goes to you, into your hands. After absorbing sun's energy, cup your hands and visualize the solar energy goes to your hands and form a ball, draw again a bit from the sun and put it in the ball, try to make it hot and bright as the sun, make this until your hands become really warm and hot.

Solar E.M

Absorb solar energy into your body, then move that hot and bright energy to your hands and palms. You can now shape that energy and use for whatever you feel like.

Solar warmth

Absorb solar energy into your body, keep drawing until your whole body feels warm, now visualize your body becomes full of bright hot energy and that energy goes to your cells, skin and your aura. Now draw all the solar energy into your skin and then shout it out to the atmosphere like rays and visualize the air around you becomes hot, then you and the air around you should be really warm.


* Asterokinesis

Asterokinesis or Astrokinesis is the tremendously powerful power to manipulate the energy generated by stars as well as their electromagnetic, gravity and radiation energy with the mind. Simply, one could manipulate energy generated by stars, quasars and dark matter. One with this power could generate stellar winds, solar flares, cosmic storms and even invoke meteor showers (and possibly manipulate weather as well).


Meditate in your Backyard, if your backyard is gated, then that's even safer. Meditate under the beautiful and self healing Stars, and the Moon. Asterokinesis is kind of like Galaxy-Telekinesis.Just focus that energy on the Sky above, and this power could be useful for the movement of Clouds as well.

Star Heat & Freeze

This is a good beginners technique, look at the stars and imagine one of the stars being extremely cold or hot, gather energy from that star and try to heat up or freeze an object. (The Moon is cold and the Sun is hot, so try getting energy from there).


* Radiokinesis

Radiokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate subatomic particles to generate and radiate intense radioactivity. One could take away radiation from an area or add it to an area, making the area very toxic and deadly. One with this special ability could even radiate Radiation, in a deadly aura, causing The environment to die, or mutate.

[WARNING: Radiokinesis can be very dangerous if you have a pessimistic feeling towards radiation!!]


Radiation is when energy moves through space away from a source and if one could manipulate this then theoretically they would be able to control radiation flow.

A Simple Test

If you are looking for a way to Test yourself for Radiokinesis Its actually quite easy. I like to call this the Popcorn test As this is how I discovered it, First grab a big bag of un-popped popcorn Then put it in the microwave For just enough time so you know it wont burn unless you caused it. Next While the popcorn is cooking visualize and concentrate on the waves inside the micro wave imagine all the heat burning a letter or burning one part of the popcorn bag and no where else. Now take out the popcorn bag and see your results if you couldn't pull it off you can point two fingers as a handicap to aim the waves where you want them. [ Remember This is a safe test if you are going to attempt using radiation from different machines and using them in another way BE CAREFUL Because if you think it can harm you or anyone else it WILL!!!!]


After a while If your confident enough Try burning whole letters on popcorn bags and it doesn't have to be popcorn It can be anything. Sky is the limit But only if you practice.


You Should now have control over your new found ability and with it you can change the feeling in a room. You see, these waves aren't supposed to be adjusted so are eyes can see them properly, When you do make these Waves appear physically the whole room can look like its breathing. Your eyes will tell you this is not happening Forcing them to go blurry or try to look away. Many things are possible with this power experimentation is good. Such as this.

Technique time

Blur Wave: [ This helps in a situation where you need to run! ] First charge your wave energy till it gets visible then form it around your arms then charge it up as soon as you feel its ready release your waves at the opponents eyes and run.

Confusion Spiral: This is another wave technique But this time your gonna charge your arms like you did before then get the energy to spiral up and down then program the energy so when it reaches the opponent it spirals up and down their body throwing them off balance and losing their train of thought.

Blur Room: [ Variation Of Blur wave You can do this with confusion as well ] Send your psi energy around the room until It fills then turn all that energy into waves and have them fill the room instead of small waves make them big as there is probably a lot of people present if your gonna perform this.

Your eyes and you!Edit

By now your probably saying Wait a minute wont my eyes be affected by the waves and spirals well yes unless your born to this ability and have special eyes you will have to train your eyes to get used to these waves. Why? you ask, Well if your going to be using this as offensive or as a power you'll need to learn how to see it without looking away. An easy way to get your eyes used to it is imagine your whole room as waves do it for as long as you can in your head. After that move on to turning your rooms energy in physical into waves and getting used to them see how long you can do it for then keep practicing.


Finally Safety is the most Important thing when practicing Radiokinesis you must always think positive about the radiation not hurting you I suggest before you even start practicing you repeat to yourself 30 times when I use this energy It will not harm me or anyone else it shall only harm what I choose. [ Remember this is radiation its almost as bad as playing with knives or fire].



A variation of Radiokinesis, instead of controlling radiation you control gamma rays. First off Gammakinesis is the ability to manipulate gamma rays. In order to train Gammakinesis you need to be intermediate in psi and at least have the basic concept of radiokinesis

Creating gamma:Create an high-energy psiball and program it to send out Gamma Rays.

Gamma Palm: this technique is useful if you are ever in a dangerous situation to use it do create Gamma Rays in your palm and strike someone with your palm and imagine the Gamma Rays penetrating the body on impact,i you know the martial art iron palm this is much easier.

Gamma Blast: This technique is a extremely powerful yet dangerous technique in order to do this you must make a large amount of Gamma Rays in both hands and throw it where you want to this will take practice.

Gamma Fist: this technique is similar to Gamma palm but stronger in order to do this technique you must start to gather Gamma energy throughout your hand then close your fist and imagine the Gamma rays flowing through your fist inside and out,then your fist will be filled with powerful Gamma rays this skill takes training to do try Gamma palm first. IF you followed all those steps you can learn gammakinesis if your skilled enough.



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