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For those who are looking for the incantation on the death note but couldn't find any. This is my version of it.

All dark gods of the world,

I send the soul of the one written in this book

With the psychopomp to the otherside.

Let the accursed go to the place

In which they will never return

Once they see the light.

For in the name of Pluto and the Gods of death,

I shall obliterate them in the light

that smites their sins.

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Jul 06, 2020
You cannot create a Death Note a la the anime with Real Magic.

Oct 20, 2020
I submit that Just because something can't work exactly like you see in fiction doesn't always mean it can't be done in a limited way in reality. While I agree that it's more than likely impossible to create a Death Note that works exactly like in the anime, I don't believe it would be entirely impossible to create a book that affects people whose names are written in it. It just wouldn't have an immediate effect (if any). In my mind, the concept is similar to putting names in a charged healing bowl or crystal grid with the intention that that person gets energy to help them deal with some issue. In this case, a real Death Note is just a book with a spell or curse attached to it that harms anyone who has their name written in said book with the right intent. You would of course want to make sure that you were focusing on the right person when doing something like that, either by intention when writing and or writing down date of birth, place of residence, and so on if available. If there's space for a picture, so much the better. That's my theory anyway. Hopefully it makes sense.

Oct 26, 2020
You are correct. The issue lies with people thinking it will be identical to the work of fiction, and getting mad when you explain it will not be. You could charge a book and pen with enough negative energy to use to curse someone by writing their name. However, it will not be enough to kill them. You could include a photograph and the victims hair. This will personalize it further, but still will not kill them. If a coven assembled, called on death deities, charged negative energy, wrote the persons name, included the photo and hair, then focused their energy on the target, then I would argue you crated a death note. You can be inspired by fiction and transform it into something plausible with Real Magic. The issue lies in people assuming a Death Note will appear and they can become Light from the anime, then getting angry when you do not agree with them 100%. I typically make a blanket statement, and should someone ask if it was possible, or why I assume it is not possible, then I will build on my statement.

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