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This is about phantom animal body parts. I have a phantom tail myself.

Phantom limbs are usually when your arm or leg gets blown of and you still feel your toes or fingers, but the phantom limbs I'm talking about are like tails and snouts.

I have a phantom wolf tail but now I'll teach you how to get you a phantom limb. There are a couple ways:

  • wear fake ears, tail, snout, etc.
  •  meditate on it
  •  know you have that body part (trick your brain)

The first way doesn't really need explaining. The second way is you start meditating feel the tail growing out of your spine, see the fur. Do that for about two weeks every night.

Side effects include:

  • pain in tail bone
  •  when you lay down on your back it hurts like your laying on a tail

 The third way is kind of like the second way, you say this a lot every day in your head, I have a (body part)! I have a (body part)! I have a (body part)! Side effects are the same as the first one. 

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Jul 05, 2022
Can I use the same technique to phantom shift too
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