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Simple introduction to writing spells.

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Oct 06, 2020
To what limit can this go though like say if you want to write a spell and want it to happen right after you chanted it would it happen and to what limit can it go like make someone spill something?

Oct 07, 2020
These are a few questions to consider before writing a spell, then a basic outline as to how to write a spell. Once you write it, it's trial and error to see how effective the spell is. The article doesn't really have limitations. You could say you want a spell to work by the end of this sentence, but it probably won't. Magick needs time to build in order to bring the desired goal towards you. A cleansing or protection is more instant than a job or love spell. You should set a realistic timeline determined by the spell's goal. Casting a spell to make honour roll would take a school year to achieve, so saying it would work in a week is unrealistic. Most spells like getting money, finding a date, getting a job, bringing good luck, usually work within a month at the latest. So that's a good timeline to work within to determine if a spell works or not [you also need to be open and observant. You might be convinced you'll win the lottery but your parents keep offering you more chores, but you're so fixated on one outcome for money, you miss how the spell is working. Spells take the path of least resistance] As for making someone spill something, I don't know if you mean spill secrets or spill drink. You can do that, but again, a month is usually the best timeline to test it with. Look into truth spells for secrets, and hexes for dropping drinks.

Oct 09, 2020
O know I understand it depends on what it is and no matter how you look at it a spell would take time and preparation thanks Nekoshema now I can set a normal goal to achieve what may affect me. Sorry if this makes it seem as if I'm being sarcastic these were the only sincere words I could you without doing ''too much'' but yeah thanks.

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