The Fisherman and the Philosophers

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Quick story I wrote with moral implications using my philosophy. Not magic(k) but I think some people need to read this. So, enjoy.

Two philosophers decided to go to a sacred island to meditate upon the nature of truth. However, they did not know how to use a boat, so hired a fisherman - experienced with the ways of the sea - to take them there. The journey was long and the philosophers grew bored. They began to debate, once again, this puzzle they were consumed with finding the answer to.

"You cannot define what truth even is, due to the overlapping realities that make our perceptions of what is true vary. This debate is meaningless!" the first argued.

"On the contrary," the second began to defend his views, "something has to be illusion in this complex universe. Illusion, as we both agreed, is not truth! Therefore, truth must be that which is not illusion." Both philosophers sighed as each of their views had ample proof and they could not decide on a suitable answer. They turned to the fisherman, who was busy lighting a lantern so they could see through the thick fog that had began to settle.

"What is your view, fisherman. Which theory do you believe is right?"

The fisherman shrugged and set the oars in place to row once again.

"Never really gave it much thought.", he replied. The philosophers grunted in disappointment.

"It seems to me that you have wasted your time."

Later through the journey, a tremendous storm kicked up. A bolt of lightning struck through the center of the boat, reducing it to splinters.

"Help us!" the philosophers cried, "we cannot swim!"

The fisherman laughed and said, "It seems to me that you have wasted your time."

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Jul 29, 2022
I like! Humorous, cheeky, but wise.

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