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This is a quick article about the chat rules, please read them and know the regular rules. Please read this.


The "Public" chat was created for magic(k)al topics. Anyone who talks about nonmagic(k)al topics, will end up being gagged. There is time when the "Public" chat is empty and no one is discussing anything, if that happens you can start a non-magic(k)al topics. If a magic(k)al topic prosumes in the middle of the non-magic(k)al topic, the non-magic(k)al topic has be put on hault. Until the magic(k)al topic has ended.

Personal Information

Personal information such as (money agreement, credit card numbers, email addresses, agreeing to meet someone, tell people were you live...ect.) is not allowed on the "Public" chat. This is because there are so many people that sign-up for this site, that they don't know who to trust and what their backgrounds are. If you are caught or reported giving out information on the Chat, Messages, Profiles, and or Bios. You will be asked to remove or they will gag you.

Role Playing

Some people go onto this site, exclaiming impossible feats such as;

  • I can cast fire from my hands.
  • I have lived for 200 or more years.
  • I am a god/dess

And many more, this is what the admin calls "Role Playing". If you are caught or reported role playing, you will be gagged. This is only on the "Public" chat.

Not a Dating Site

There could be very desturbed people signing-up for this site, also people with fake ages, This site isn't made for dating, so any offers in the Chat, Messages, forums...ect should be reported to a moderator. If you don't you could be also be gagged.

English Only

This site many people outside the united states, but in order to keep the chat civil, they only allow English, anyone who is caught speaking another language, will be gagged by a moderator.

Threatening and or Harassing

Threatening and harassing is another form of bullying. If anyone is reported or caught harassing or threatening another member of this site, they will be gagged by a moderator.


The "Public" chat is no place for swearing, we have young people on this site. If you are caught swearing or even doing this "*" to block a swear, you will be gagged.


Some people like writing all in caps to emphensise on what they mean, but in the "Public" chat it is not allowed "lol" in all caps will make laughing face. If you are caught saying any words in ALL CAPS. You will be gagged.

Spamming the Chat

This happens when you do the following; flooding the chatter with lyrics, repeating the same message multiple times without allowing people time to reply, and the stretching of wooooooooooords. Being caught doing this in the "Public" chat will result in a gag.

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