Do I Have To Work Magick To Be A Wiccan?

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Some people ask do I have to be in the Wiccan Religion to work with magic. Well this article will tell everything.

Of course not, no more than you have to be a priest to be Christian. (Although at some point, you'll likely recognize that you are working magick all the time, consciously or not. Everyone is.)

Wicca is a powerful spiritual path, with or without spell casting. In fact, on the more advanced levels, as your power manifests and your visions increases, you may spontaneously need to do fewer spells, or none.

Still, the concept of taking responsibility for your life and manifesting your dreams underlies all Wiccan philosophy.

When you have the power to manifest what you need and want in life, you are no longer a victim. In any sense.

You know that you are the creator of your life: good and bad, you have called it all.

And you can change the channel whenever you choose.

You are literally em-powered. And that is a core goal and result of the practice of Wicca magick spells.

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