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This is my life of being a mermaid. Tell me how your life as a mer-creature is going.

Being a mermaid can be difficult and fun at times. Whenever i get wet i pop a tail. But not only i am a mermaid, but i am also a fairy and a vampire, too. So basically, i can "shape-shift" into different beings. As of right now i am in my fairy form. Being a fairy also means that i have to learn more about my powers, planets,fairy spells, etc. When i'm a vampire i have to actually file my fangs down so nobody will be able to tell that i'm a vampire. There are laws of the night though, first law of the night: Never tell a human. Second law of the night: Never fall in love with a human and never breed. Sometimes it is tough , sometimes it is easy. But being able to shape-shift is one thing, Getting used to and controlling my powers is another.

I'm Wrenna and this is my story

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Oct 03, 2019
Fluffy nonsense. You cannot physically become a mermaid. You could be a sea witch, work with the water element, call on spiritual mermaids, or purchase a fake tail and pretend to be one, but you are a human. Magic is a natural energy that is bound by natural law on this physical plane. You are a creature of the physical plane, and no spell will contradict natural law, it is a fact of Real Magic. Ergo, you cannot physically transform into a mermaid.

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