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This article is about the journey of eventually becoming a wizard. Read it as many times as you see fit.


So, you want to become a wizard/ess do you?

Let me tell you now, this is not an easy path. I can teach you truths that many adults still have yet to discover.


Very well young one, you are now an apprentice of the Universe. First you must forget everything you know about magic. Why? Because there are many misconceptions about it. You may not turn people in to frogs or anything of the likes. What you learned about magic from the movies is not the real deal. So believe me, and forget all about it.

How to become a wizard

For your sake I'll try to make it simple.

Imagine what it means for you to become a wizard, then become it. The truth is, you already are what you seek, you just haven't realized it yet. Forget that idea that you are not a Wizard, forget that you can't do magic, because you can! What you seek is already within you. It is because in truth all people are part of the same whole. We are all made up of stardust, as are all things physical, plants, animals, people, rocks, everything.

As you will realize by being a wizard, many things in existence exist as opposites. All plants, people, animals, rocks and everything physical are not separate, yet at the same time they are. This may be hard to understand but, you are the trees you are the rocks, you are the rising sun, you are magick. Treat others as you'd like to be treated, do not spread harm because you are only hurting yourself.

Whatever you do to another you are doing it to yourself. It only appears that you are separate from others. You are not separate in truth, so do to them as if you were them, because you are.

All true wizards know this. 

What about obtaining powers?

Lets start with the power you are using right now. Do you think that I found you with my great powers? It was you and your intuition that brought you here. It was your creation that led you here, your magic. You made this happen, if it wasn't for you, this text would not be here. This is your magic manifest.

What do you mean by manifesting? 

It means to create something using your inner power. Lets start with basic of manifestation.

Your mind and words are a very powerful thing. It is your basic tools to manifest, your thoughts and words give creation to something. This is why spells are usually spoken. You may not know this, but most adults go about life with the have/do/be state of mind. For example:

"If I just have more time or money then I could do the things I always wanted and then I could be happy. "

This is not an effective way of creating in this universe, It creates a never-ending chase after what is wanted. "having" does not produce "being". What seems to work a lot better in this universe is the be/do/have strategy. Example:

"First be what you want, happy, loved, magical, etc.. then do things from this state of being and you will discover that these actions will bring what you wanted to have. "

Use this strategy and integrate it in your mind-set, it'll get easier over time.

 I hope this makes sense young one, I did say this would not be easy.

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May 19, 2019
Thank you so much! This is one of the best articles I have read so far!

Dec 14, 2019
how can i make a wand

Dec 14, 2019
A wand can be as simple as a stick found on the ground or as complex and a hand-created wand from metals and crystals. They are simply tools to assist in directing energy. You can easily make one by finding a stick that you feel drawn to (preferably fallen from a tree, not taken) the stick can then be cleansed and worked as a wand or you can decorate it with crystals, symbols and colours as desired.

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