A Daily Eucharist.

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A quick ritual which blesses water for you to consume and empower yourself with.

On your table/altar place a glass/chalice filled halfway with spring water/distilled water or tap as a last resort.

Now after your working/ practice is complete (you don't need to have a practice, just make sure the area has been banished/ a circle has been cast).

Raise the cup over your head and say;

"Great deity above me hear my call,

Bless this water, purify my soul,

May your light fill me all the way,

May your love protect me for the day."

Take the cup to the east (I assume you know to face east during every working, unless you have a different tradition).

Here visualise a great angel with a sword dressed in a yellow robe before you, the tip of the sword touches the water and energy pours into it, say;

"Great Archangel Raphael hear me,

I ask thee bless this water, inspire me,

Angel of the sword, guadian of the breeze,

Bless me with your power, let no evil seize."

Go to the south and visualise a great angel with a red robe and a flaming wand. he touches your cup with his wand and energy pours into the water.

"Great Archangel Michael hear me,

I ask thee to bless this water, enflame me,

Angel of the wand, guardian of the flame,

Allow me no harm, all evil tame."

Go to the west and visualise a great angel robed in blue and holding a chalice filled with light, he pours it into your glass, it shines brighter.

"Great Archangel Gabriel, hear me,

I ask thee to bless this water, cleanse me,

Angel of the cup, guardian of the eucharist,

All evil temptations, allow me to resist."

Go to the North and see a great angel robed in green holding a wax or wooden disc with a pentagram or equal armed cross. (He varies in my experience). He places the disc on top of the cup and it fills with energy.

"Great Archangel Uriel, Hear me,

I ask thee to bless this water, ground me,

Angel of the coin, guardian of the mound,

Protect and allow me to spread my love all round."

Return to where you started and drink the water and feel the energy spread all through your body.

Place the cup down and say;

"Thank you deity (God/dess),

and the angels assorted here,

Please take your leave when thou art ready,

Blessed Be."

Now the first two angels are projective the last two passive this is why the first two effect outside things and the last two inside things.

They are the angels of the 4 directions and 4 elements.

Air,Fire,Water Earth.

The ritual is my own and so breaches no copywrite rules. Whilst I would appreciate it if this was kept here amongst our coven, I would not mind if you wish to adapt it (In fact I'd welcome you all to modify it.)

Blessed Be.

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