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In this article, I will try to break down and explain the aspects and approaches to magic. This article is a general observation and explanation on magic and my hope is that it will prove useful to our members who are new and confused about magic and working with it.

What is Magic: There are many definitions on what magic is, but I will give you my definition. Magic, in essence, is energy. It is an unseen, untapped form of natural, spiritual energy that flows within us and around us.

What Can Magic Be Used For: Magic can be used to help you reach realistic goals or to get closer to nature and your higher, spiritual self.

How Do I Work With Magic: To use magic, you first need to understand how it works. As previously stated, it is energy within nature. We can manipulate this energy and send it out into the universe to bring things to us, change aspects within us or in those around us, heal, protect, etc. The most common way that this is done is through focus and visualization. For example, if I were working toward the goal of healing someone close to me, I would focus on them being healthy and happy. I would then raise energy within myself (common forms of energy raising include chanting, dancing, or drawing in energy from the world around you.) I would then take that built up energy and send it out into the universe to bring about my goal. As I sent this energy out, I would visualize the ill individual receiving it and using it to speed their healing process.

Does Magic Have Limitations: Yes, magic is ruled by scientific law. Meaning, if you can't do it with science or other natural means, then you can't do it with magic.

Can Magic hurt Me: In a way, it can. Magic can be used for both positive and negative purposes. While it can be used to send healing, it can also be used to cause harm. Most common forms of negative magic are known as curses or hexes. These types of magic are created with the goal of harming (usually emotionally or spiritually) or hindering an individual in some way. However, you can use spells or rituals to protect yourself from such magic. Another common belief among magical practitioners is that any negative energy you send out will be returned to you in one form or another.

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