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The following information pertains to ways on how to protect your pets and the magical associations that some pets have.

Protection for Pets:

Hanging a bell from your pets collar and visualizing it helping to protect them is said to banish negativity whenever it rings. Many cat collars already have a bell on them, however, you could buy one from an arts and crafts store for your dog and place it on the collar yourself. The bells tend to be inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes.

A necklace of shells is said to protect pets from the evil eye.

If you believe that a spell has been placed on your pet, you can sprinkle a ring of salt around your pet. If you complete the circle before your pet runs away the spell is supposed to be broken.

Take a few hairs or feathers from your pet (ones that have fallen out on their own) and place them in a box with protective herbs. Seal the box ans tie it shut with nine white cords. Bury it as close to your home as possible. This is said to protect your pet from theft. Alternately, you could use a picture of your pet instead of its hair or feathers.

Symbolism and Magical Associations:

Here, I will list and discuss the various magical associations that pertain to some animals that are often kept as pets

Bat: associated with life, happiness, and wealth. It is ruled by Saturn and is sacred to Persephone.

Bird: Having a bird in your home is said to increase ones mental powers and memory. Birds are ruled by Mercury. The Canary, meanwhile, is associated with the Sun and is said to promote harmony and happiness in a home.

Cats: The cat is sacred to Bast, Freya, Isis, Sekhmet, Astarte, and Diana. The cat is ruled by the moon. According to folklore, if a cat is lying down and it turns its tail to the North or East a storm may occur. If its tail points to the South or West the weather will be clear. When a cat washes its face it means you will have guests arriving soon. The way that the cat looks after washing is said to be the direction from which the guests will arrive. A cat with three colors on its fur is said to be good luck and is said to protect a home from harm. A smutty-nosed cat is said to bring wealth. Stroking a cats tail nine times before a game of cards is supposed to bring you good luck.

Chameleon: Ruled by the Moon. It is believed that the chameleon protects a home from the evil eye and can help ward off disease. It is also believed to make its owner(s) more adaptable.

Dog: Ruled by Venus, the dog is said to increase the loving vibrations in the home at which it resides. Dogs are sacred to the Goddess Hecate, thus, it was believed that they were the only animal that could see her. Dogs are also said to be sensitive to other spirits and entities. They are also sacred to the God Anubis and the Goddess Diana. It is also said that if you let your dog sleep on your pillow with you at night that you will share its dreams.

Fish: Ruled by the sun, fish are thought to attract money, ensure fertility, strengthen relationships, and ward off negative energies. (The goldfish more so than others, as they their color is more associated with these aspects.)

Iguana: Ruled by Mars and said to increase courage.

Lizard: Ruled by Mars and are said to keep disease away, as well as protect the home.

Monkey: Ruled by Mercury, and associated with health, success, and wealth.

Owl: Ruled by Saturn and sacred to Athena. They are associated with wisdom and watchfulness.

Parrot: The parrot is said to improve cunning. When a parrot whistles it is said to be a sign of rain.

Snake: Ruled by Mars and sacred to Aesculapius, Quetzalcoatl, Wadjet, and various others. It represents wisdom, eternity, longevity, reincarnation, health, and virility.

Turtle: Ruled by Venus. It is said to ensure health, longevity, and fertility.


Feathers can also be used to send certain vibrations. For example, if you attach a gray feather to a package or place it inside of an envelope, it is said to send good fortune to a friend. Blue feathers send healing and green feathers send wealth (or the chances of bettering it).

Feathers are also used in travel and other spells. If you tie several of them together and place them above your bed it is said to ward off bad dreams. If you make a wreath and place feathers on it while visualizing it promoting health and healing, it is said to help an ill friend recover more quickly from illness if placed under their bed.


"The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals For The Home" ~ Scott Cunningham & David Harrington.

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