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A list of correspondences for each day of the week.

Day Correspondences

It is believed that spells cast on a complimenting day will have an increased effect or increased success. For example, casting a spell for creativity on Sunday will give the spell an extra boost of power.


  • Planet: Sun
  • Color: Yellow
  • Symbols: Hope, victory, creativity, success, friendships, mental and physical health, goals, courage, business ventures, faith, healing, confidence, determination, protection, & spirituality.


  • Planet: Moon
  • Color: White
  • Symbols: Home, wisdom, garden, dream magick, family, medicine, psychic development, studying, personal growth, women, intuition, creativity, peace, protection, past lives, purification, & meditation.


  • Planet: Mars
  • Colors: Red, Green,& Orange
  • Symbols: Change, men, conflict, physical endurance, strength, lust, sports, surgery, money, growth, fertility, hexes, karma, political issues, stimulation, passion, sexuality, courage,health, protection, employment,energy work, & divination.


  • Planet: Mercury
  • Color: Purple
  • Symbols: Jobs, wisdom, inspiration, meditation, study, self-improvement, spirituality, understanding, divination, communication, messages, healing, & power.


  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Color: Blue & Brown
  • Symbols: Success, expansion, happiness, legal issues, social matters, luck, gambling, prosperity, business matters, patience,healing, animals, growth, & harvest.


  • Planet: Venus
  • Color: Pink
  • Symbols: Family, growth, love, money, friendship, pleasures, beauty, aromatherapy, music, art, & protection.


  • Planet: Saturn
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Symbols: Change, psychic abilities, banishing, reincarnation, karma, binding, wisdom, the elderly, personal growth, death, responsibility, & endings.

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