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An article about the correspondences of various woods.

Throughout history, wood has served a variety of purposes in human evolution. Wood provides us with shelter, warmth, light, enjoyment, convenience, and most importantly fresh air. Naturally, humans became known to attribute specific magical correspondences and properties to these woods, as they have done with so many other aspects of the universe. Below you can find a general description of the properties of many common woods, which can be applied for wands, altars, furniture, etc.


Alder (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with the fox (Druids)
  • Promotes bravery, self confidence, spiritual growth, charisma, safe journeys, astral shielding, & supervision skills


Apple (Feminine Energy)

  • Symbol of fertility, peace, plenty, & joy
  • Associated with Fairies & Elves
  • Promotes healing, peace, love, harmony, visions, & skill advancement
  • Used for Fairy Magick & Divine Magick


Ash (Masculine & Feminine Energies)

  • Associated with Neptune, Mercury Odin & Gwydion
  • Promotes intelligence, wisdom, communication, curiosity, healing, protection, balance, spiritual love/health, art skills, justice, stability, & brain power
  • Used for removing mental blockages, preventing drowning, wart removal, & Weather Magick



  • Associated with Aphrodite, Arianrhod, the air element & the Tree of Life
  • Promotes love, attraction, healing, enlightenment, & creative endeavors
  • Used for enchantments & Star Magick


Beech (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with Apollo, the Elves' Sun Lord Obraash, rebirth, & renewal
  • Promotes tranquility, protection, youth, diligence, & new beginnings
  • Used for cleansing, healing wounds/burns, birth, expelling negative entities, & Lunar Magick



  • Associated with Persephone, Sezh, & King Solomon
  • Promotes longevity, protection, & preservation
  • Used for cleansing, creating sacred space, & summoning helpful spirits


Cherry (Masculine & Feminine Energies)

  • Associated with Artemis, Morrigan, Tyr, Mars, Aries, Herne, Ambash, & the earth element.
  • Promotes stability, focus, intuition, healing, & unification
  • Used for centering, grounding, divination, medium work, increasing spell potency, working with animals, & Love Magick


Elder (Feminine Energy)

  • Associated with Christ, Cailleach Beara and the Raven
  • Promotes change, healing, protection, & imagination
  • Used for banishing & Fairy Magick


Elm (Feminine Energy)

  • Associated with fairies, the Great Goddess in crone stage, the elements of both Earth & Air
  • Promotes endurance, fertility, stability, & focus
  • Used for horticulture, Invocation of the Goddess, grounding, warding off lightening, & magick involving the phases of life.


Hawthorn (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with Olwen, Aquarius, Vashaan, Fairies and the Owl
  • Promotes insight, psychic protection, creativity, self confidence, patience, & chastity
  • Used for charms, purification, banishing entities, male potency, detecting magick, Weather Magick, & Fairy Magick.


Hazel (Feminine Energy)

  • Associated with Manannan Mac Lir, Aphrodite, Danu, Arianrhod, the fish Salmon, and the elements of Fire, Air, & Water
  • Promotes artistic skills, optimism, eloquence, wisdom, love, creativity, intelligence, change, magical knowledge, inspiration, & navigation.


Hickory (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with Lugh and Apollo
  • Promotes fulfillment, leadership, direction, & abundance


Honey Locust

  • Associated with Fairies
  • Used for protection, binding, beauty, appearances, & Fairy Magick 


Holly (Feminine Energy)

  • Associated with Odin, Mars, Govannon, Unicorns, and the element Earth
  • Promotes purity, strength, logic, protection, sleep, acceptance, & grieving
  • Used for revenge & attracting women


Ivy (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with Persephone, Guinevere and the Butterfly 
  • Promotes determination, strength, protection, optimism, & spiritual growth
  • Used for banishing entities & achieving success



  • Associated with Pan, the Greek Twins Gemini and the element of Air
  • Promotes love, passion, intellect, focus, communication, sexual pleasure, & safe travel
  • Used for illusion magick & divination


Maple (Masculine & Feminine Energies)

  • Associated with the elements of Spirit & Water
  • Promotes communication, artistic ability, abundance, love, safe travels, knowledge, & intellectual pursuits
  • Used for spiritual healing, beauty, & binding


Oak (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with Dagda, the Wren and the elements Earth, Water, & Spirit
  • Promotes honesty, knowledge, healing, vitality, focus, protection, intuition, leadership, bravery, observational skills, strength, & prosperity
  • Used for grounding & connecting with the earth


Osage Orange (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with the elements of Spirit, Earth, & Fire
  • Used for repelling pests, astral healing, resisting rot, & spirit/animal guide communication


Poplar (Masculine Energy)

  • Associated with Venus and the elements of Spirit, Water, & Fire
  • Used for hope, rebirth, divination, evocation, banishing, & general magick 



  • Associated with Native Americans
  • Used for digestion, prosperity, sleep, removing entities, curing aliments, & repelling pests 


Vine (Masculine & Feminine Energies)

  • Associated with the Celtics & Druids
  • Promotes spiritual intuition, knowledge, authority, joy, excitement, & Fairy work


Black Walnut (Masculine & Feminine Energies)

  • Associated with the elements of Earth & Spirit and the gods Vashaan, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, and Vishnu.
  • Used for astral travel, weather workings, & motivation


Willow (Feminine Energy)

  • Associated with Water, Spirit, the Celts & Druids and the gods Diana, Hecate, Astarte, Ceridwen, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, & Omulan.
  • Used for divination, 3rd eye work, the cycles of life, healing, health, spirit work, & love


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