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A simple guide on how to make your own scrying mirror.

Scrying is an interesting divining technique because you are essentially looking into a reflective surface to find symbols and images. A scrying mirror is simply a black-backed mirror, which achieves the same effect. It has been said that oval mirrors without impurities and a silver frame are the most effective.

  1. To begin, youll need to gather some supplies; a picture frame (oval is preferred, but rectangular is fine), black paint, & silver paint (optional). I prefer high gloss spray enamel paint, however any paint will do. The size of the mirror is entirely up to you; both small and large mirrors work well. In total, the cost shouldnt be more than $20 so this can fit practically any budget.
  2. If your garage is clean and not an area of high traffic then I would suggest you use that space, otherwise go outside on a sunny day with low winds. Clean your workspace, making sure to get rid of any debris, and lay down a few newspapers. Clean the glass with Windex and let it dry.
  3. When the glass is clean, set it down on the newspaper, handling it by the edges or with gloves to prevent fingerprints. Paint the glass to the best of your ability with black paint, doing what you can to prevent the painting from running. Allow the paint to dry. Apply a second coat if necessary, but one coat will provide the best effect. While the glass is drying, if you wish, paint the frame with the silver paint.
  4. When the frame and glass are dry, put them together (with the painted side in the back) and your scrying mirror will be complete. At this point, you can decorate the mirror however you desire.
  5. To charge and consecrate the mirror, you can lay it under the full moons light, or however you wish. I advise you not to let other handle your mirror, and if they do then to charge and consecrate it again.


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