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This is an article giving you some tips on how to lucid dream.

For beginners: One thing you need to know is that if you can see your hands in a dream you are lucid. But wait what is lucid dreaming you ask? Well its the ability to control your dreams and use your energy to combat nightmares, and seek spiritual guidance from entities. A common lucid dream is that you can shoot fire balls at nightmares or fly, and find other worlds sort of like a super hero saving people from villains. A good way to start a lucid dream is using a dream chant. Chant a short sentence such as "i had dream i could shape shift." It doesn't have to be that though make it up and repeat it out loud or in your head. Over the years you will become a more powerful dreamer and may find stories of past lives and sometimes meet entities who will help you along the way. To remember you dreams if you can't write them down in a dream journal between cycles or after it ends. Through this you will unlock potential as a person and as a mage. If you find you are more powerful than you expected in a past life such as being a sort of entity or alien keep this to your self don't write books as this makes people think your loony. But if your sure you were talk about it with someone you can trust such as a dream expert or a fellow wizard. They will guide you and support you. I hope you enjoyed this post and try this out for your self. I wish you all luck as deep as and endless ocean.  bye.

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Apr 25, 2021
Ive been trying for three years its very hard

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