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In this article I will tell you what magick means and how it is and how you can use it.

I am going to be talking about magick with you, Some people grow up watching Cenderalla or even Sleeping Beauty, as in those movies they show magick being simple and easy with just a wave and a few words from a fairy godmother, Cenderalla grew a blue dress....In sleeping Beauty all the wicked evil empress had to do was curse a spinning wheel and have the princess touch it and she will die until true loves kiss...That is not so, magick is much more difficult but not impossible, you see when we are born our souls are unconscious, and our minds are awake, when we sleep our soul awakens from its sleep...In order to use the soul you must awaken it, monks use meditation to become one with his/her soul which awakens the soul by command...Some people use incense and candles and meditation, in any way you must work with meditation, meditation is the art to remain calm and close your eyes and relax but focus on your objective in your mind...In the case of the candle and incense you light the candles and the incense and then you blow them out and you let their smoke enter your nose, make sure you are doing this while meditating,that will be one way to help you reach your soul. There are many ways, you can also find a way that means well to you. Now lets move on to how to use magick, okay first off you got to know what magick is, magick is a energy (neutral) we turn the neutral energy into either evil or good by the way we use it....In order to reach this state of controlling the power energy (gods energy) you must be able to feel the energy inside your body, feel it move, do not let any thoughts cloud you mind...other wise it will not work, just feel the energy emotions help a lot, like if you want to cast fire (hate, jealousy,and aggression)is best to fuel fire, you got to take the moment when you either felt jealous or hateful or even felt aggressive and fuel your fire, don't image it, feel it feel it warming up your hands, feel it forming feel the energy release through your body, like power. That is how it works....thank you for reading my name on here is Devilspower and questions just ask.

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