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A users guide to Spellsofmagic to help those who are new and confused. More will be added as questions arise.

I know it is hard for newbies to find their way around the site and where to start with magick. In consideration, I also understand most newbies might probably join a coven the first time they come on the site too and that is why I'm making this thread in the coven first. I'll see how it goes here and then I might show it to the public. I already set up several questions that often get ask. So, here they are:

Where do I start on SoM?

Good question! Every new member should check out the Newbie Central under the Home Page of the site. The Newbie Central shows and tells you about major sections on the site that are commonly used by the members. Here is the link to it:

What does SoM even stand for?

This question doesn't get asked much in the chat and forums from what I've seen, but it is as simple as can be. It stands for Spells of Magic which is the name of the site. Hehe.

Who's in charge here? And what's this thing called rank?

The site was founded by Petrarca, commonly called Pet. He's really busy running the site, so don't mail him with little questions. Pet has put a list of people in charge, Moderators watch the forums and deal with people around the site. Administrators work with Pet to ensure the site runs smoothly. 99% of issues involving people on the site, forums, or other such issues go to the Mods, not the Admin. The Admin are contacted for glitches and bugs found around the site. The ranking system is a way to learn who's knowledgeable and trustworthy of advice. Only those ranked Knowledgeable or Adept can rank other users. the ranks are:

  • Fluffy Roleplayers, trolls and those who wish to do more harm than good are ranked Fluffy. This rank can only be seen by Knowledgeable or Adept users only.
  • No Rank New users to the site have no ranks. they are not fluffy, they just haven't proven their ability yet.
  • Beginner knows the basics, and possibly skilled in certain fields, but have probably only studied hard for 2-3 years.
  • Novice mastered the basics, as well as a few paths. helpful and knowledgeable, but still has things to learn, worthy teachers. 4-5 years of study under their belt.
  • Knowledgeable Most knowledgeable ranked individuals are Moderators, they have studied for many years, have helped out in the site to a fair degree, and knows a lot. Few teach, but are great mentors and give advice in the forums.
  • Adept Users with the most knowledge, they help run the site, but are rarely seen because of how much work they have. few people have attained Adept on this site since few have trained for so long.
  • Don't concern yourself too much with rank though, since few can rank users, it can take months before you go up or down in rank. Just post good, helpful information in forums and chat, and your rank will grow.

    Where do I start out for casting spells?

    This is asked by a fair amount of newbies to the craft. Start out with Learning and The Basics.

    The basics includes:

  • Meditation. This is in bold for a reason. Meditation is probably the most important thing to do before casting a spell.
  • Visualization. This is also important and is used in several spells because they involve you visualizing something. This even may help with casting a spell and/or spell writing.
  • Centering.
  • Grounding.
  • Moon Phrases.
  • Magic items.
  • Charkras.
  • And more!
  • Here is a list of pages to get around the site:


    This is mainly the most important page about you. Have a bio and a picture so people can get to know you better too. This not only helps us know you, but gives us a chance to know how smart you are. Your profile can be edited and deleted at your own will. You can even change your password too if you feel unsafe for a certain reason. You can even choose what get's to go on your side bar. The side bar is the stuff on the right side of the screen. You can add photos and videos, mark favorites or important pages on the site you're saving for later, a wish list to the online store, add your own friends, and view your own history and spells too.


    See what people are asking and discussing to the public. Learn new things too.


    Read articles by other council from different covens, if it is not private, and learn different things from different people. Rate, print, or mark them as spam too.


    View tons of spells on SoM. Making your own is highly recommended too. Beware of the fluffy ones and use common sense when looking for one too. Rate, print, or mark them as spam too.


    View other peoples' videos from different people and watch their thoughts and knowledge on their practice.


    This is mostly for entertainment reasons, but get a tarot, horoscope, ask Mora, or get your dream told.


    Join a group of people to teach, learn, and to be a family with. Choose one that is teaching what you want to learn and feel comfortable in.

    I see people can make things bold or whatever, how do I do that?

    The site uses an HTML format, so a couple basic codes will change your font. Just remember to not overuse these. you need to type into '<>' brackets the things you wish to use for instance typing 'STRONG' into '<>' brackets will make your font bolder and to end you simply write '/strong' in the '<>' brackets. i cannot show you unfortunately because the coding will not appear, but it should look like < strong > the words and < /strong > at the end the others you'll need are li and /li in <> brackets for points, u and /u in <> brackets for underlined, and finally p and /p in <> for paragraphs.

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