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Evocation is the summoning of a spirit, demon, god, or another supernatural agent.

It's origin is the Latin word evocatio which translated into "calling forth" or summoning I have come across when the word was used in acient battles

Diverting gods favor towards Rome

Books such as the lemegreton or the sacred magic of Abramelin the Mage Include ways to summon the spirits as a form of spiritual counsellor or guide.

The following has been taken from Wikipedia :

The grimoires provided a variety of methods of evocation. The Spirits are, in every case, commanded in the name of God - most commonly using cabalistic and Hellenic 'barbarous names' added together to form long litanies. The magician used wands, staves, incense and fire, daggers and complex diagrams drawn on parchment or upon the ground. In Enochian magic, spirits are evoked into a crystal ball or mirror, in which a human volunteer (a 'seer') is expected to be able to see the spirit and hear its voice, passing the words on to the evoker. Sometimes such a seer might be an actual medium, speaking as the spirit, not just for it. In other cases the spirit might be 'housed' in a symbolic image, or conjuring into a diagram from which it cannot escape without the magician's permission.

So evocation is sometimes mis used sometimes taken as another word for invocate

Many ancient people like king Solomon evoked the gods for wisdom and other powers he is known as a demon controller and he had a ring engraved in it the star of David or more occultly known the seal of Solomon it consisted of the four alchemical symbols for the elements

I hope this helped any further research on this I would recommend the lesser key of solomon blessed be

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