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This is a short summary on how color magick can be described and how it is energy. NOTE: This article is not suppose to go against someone's belief!

I've get people asking these questions over and over again. Just a reminder this article is not suppose to go against someone's beliefs!

What is magick?

In my opinion magick is what you make of it and put it depending on your beliefs. My belief is that magick is energy and energy is magick. We are all made of energy and can put it into a spell. A energy for a spell comes through us and the universe. That is probably why when we cast a spell it is more powerful when we make it.The entire universe is composed of energy and helps us when casting a spell. Magick isn't a spell, ritual, etc it is energy and what we make of it. The spell is our energy. Everything we see is composed of energy which is stated in Science and we can use the things around us to be in the spell and make it more powerful. That is why a spell is more powerful when it has items used in it. Then again it would depend on your religion and beliefs of magick.

What is black and white magick?

I get this question a lot of times and try to explain the best I can. Again everything is based on beliefs and how you see it. Magick is nether black or white it is energy, but that depends on what you believe in. A lot of people say black and white is used to describe magick as good or evil; however, some people say it as positive and negative. Over all you both have it as good or bad. If you think magick is colored or energy that is ok, in my opinion, because we all share our own beliefs and point of view.

Will spells that make you fly, teleport, etc work?

No, these spells are pure fantasy. Plus you cannot change your DNA to make you something else with a spell even Science can't do that.

How do you know if a spell is real or not?

Two simple words: Common sense. Ask yourself, 'as a human, can I do this?' For example, if you wish to fly, ask yourself 'Can humans fly?' The answer, of course, is no.

How long does it take to meditate?

You can meditate as long as you want. I meditate until I find peace and my inner self before casting a spell or just to relax. Meditation is apart of the basics along with visualization, centering, grounding, etc. I'll discuss the basics in a later post. You can use different methods of meditation. To meditate you might want to find a nice quiet place were you won't be disrupted. You can also put on some soft relaxing music. Now close your eyes and breath. You can breath in through your nose and out your mouth, you can count your breaths, or anything that helps you get rid of all your thoughts.

Do I have to be a pagan or Wiccan to cast a spell?

No. You can be whatever religion you want. Even if your Christian you got to remember the bible has been changed by civilizations since Rome to fit their laws. There's even a branch of Paganism called Christopagan which mixes Paganism and Christian beliefs. If your country or family doesn't approve of the fact you can always keep it a secret. Remember you can be whatever religion or mix religion you want. We are humans and have our own free will.

What is Karma and is it real?

Karma is the belief that if you do something bad to a person it will come back at you, but if your good the universe will reward you. You know the saying "What goes around comes around". Karma is a belief so you don't have to believe in it. Will all my spells work? No. We are humans and nobody is perfect so not every spell of yours will work.

Will my wound be heal like that if I do a healing spell?

Yes and no. Healing spells can speed up the time for a wound to heal, and sooth the pain. It will not make the injury magically disappear though. I've forgot where I read this, but it's like a broken bone if you use a healing spell it will help the bone cells heal faster.

Is it possible to shapeshift?

On the physical plane no, but on the astral plane yes.

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