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A short article about covens.

A coven or covan is a gathering of witches. Due to the word's association with witches, a gathering of Wiccans, followers of the witchcraft-based neopagan religion of Wicca, is also described as a coven. The word was originally a late medieval Scots word (circa 1500) meaning a gathering of any kind, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. It derives from the Latin root word convenire meaning to come together or to gather, which also gave rise to the English word convene. The first recorded use of it being applied to witches comes much later, from 1662 in the witch-trial of Isobel Gowdie, which describes a coven of 13 members.

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Coven was not an often heard name in the English language but Dr. Margaret Murray promoted it's popularity. Traditionally a coven had 13 members a high priest/ess sometimes both all the others had a partner which they had some relationship with, often after years of knowing your partner you would undergo a hand fasting rite making you two wed unlike Christianity which states together to the end of time. A coven marriage states together till the love runs out when/if it does you two would undergo a hand breaking rite. This, even though allowed, I'd never done without thought sometimes rarely the married two would cause disruption within the coven. If a child was born in a coven of two coveners the baby would undergo a Wiccaning this is similar to Christian baptism. The meeting/working place for a coven was named a covenstead.

Online covens: the coven spell casters on this site is not a coven it is more a unorganized group I would recommend a mod or a priest/ess take the coven as it is in the pits with fluffs, it is messy. Another recommendation to prevent many fluffs would be when they sign up to SoM the system asks if they want to join this group to become a mythological creature if the person says yes then the system should neglect them. I do realize that this segment had nothing to do with the article but it was simply a word of advice.

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