Invocation to Osiris

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How to summon the Egyptian God Osiris. Provided by: steve1111

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Added to on Dec 19, 2012
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Feb 23, 2020
1111 is a twin flame thing which about 90% of the shit on the internet is bs. As for osiris. I have almost 20 years in satanism, ancient egypt sumarian Mesopotamian wiccan pagan anything dank and light f$&+ anything with light work thats my wifes thing. You cant invoke an ancient diety off of a common spell. If that were the case of all the people on the planet and how many summon then at the same time. It is one it cant be at numerous places at once that goes for anything angels demons etc. And not all demons are evil what they really are is unknown energies from unknown planes not Satan's workers from hell if you have any clue about anything that has to do with this stuff you will know that the Bible was written on paper. There are scriptures written on Stone which are thousands of years older then paper. You're welcome.

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