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How to make amulets and talismans.

Like for like and like produces like, that which is liken unto itself is drawn and produces a like effect.

So a healing herb has the power to ward off the evil it cures. Wearing it will do so as well as ingesting it, rubbing it on an item, food, drink, person, etc. So peppermint wards off tummy aches, fennel wards off authority, garlic wards off disease, vampires, etc.

Sigils are names of power that links to a specific spirit and produces their influence, even aids you in summoning them for aid. Your blood, saliva, semen, etc. activates it and gives you power over it. Like for like so the symbol of Venus (a green apple) will produce love, it and its seeds will ward off anger and hate, and make others love but so will her symbol, sigils, and her name.

Charging is when you give power. Your own, or let something empower what you wish to be charged and blessed, so to charge it with Gods power at noon. Leave the necklace or item in the sun for an hour or all day, it is warmed and charged with his power likewise with elements so to charge an item with the Goddesses power, put it in salty/ocean/sea/water at midnight under the correct phase of the moon or full moon. Ask her for what you want her to do or use her power. Let it empower you. Of course an herb or animal can be used to do this as well, experiment and read about your inquired spirit, god, etc., their apathy wards them. What they like draws them, like draws like, negatives repel. You can input a emotion such as love or hate into your necklace. See it in it will it charge it.

I hope this helps

-Blessed Be )O(

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