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This article will discuss determining the purpose of a spell before casting it.

It has been my experience, that the first step in any form of magic is long lost on a great many practitioners. They all know how to cast successful spells, can create powerful elixirs, make potions and tools with accuracy, and even to an extent, enter higher consciousness. But do any of the masters ever remember to tell their pupils to ask themselves why they need to cast a spell to reach their goals before casting it?

Now, any wish or desire spell that lets you achieve a goal will definitely lessen your chance of failure. This is where that first step truly comes into play. Lets say, for the sake of generalization, I wish to be lucky. If I wished, I could simply find, or create a luck spell and perform it without care, and have success. It is also true that the spell can be unnecessary. This brings me to the point, before I even think to create or perform a spell to become lucky, I'd first ask myself, "Why do I need to be luckier?" And then, if the answer was satisfactory, "Can I be luckier without magic?"

Lets say I had a good solid answer for the first question I asked myself, but the answer didn't match the intent or nature of the spell, and the answer to the second question was still a no. This would indicate that perhaps the spell in question was a bad idea, but with good intent. So find or design a new spell that fulfills the purpose you now have clearly in your mind.

Next, I have recently received a great number of requests from users wishing to find someone capable of performing love spells. This type of spell I'd like to deal with individually, as it is entirely unique in this topic. When a young man walks into a room and spots a young woman with great physical appeal, your average young man will approach the young woman and engage her in conversation, or at least attempt to. The young man will attempt to woo the young girl and earn her trust, and ask for a date, or her phone number. The young girl may choose to turn the young man down, or accept his request depending on his performance. This is the basis of a relationship. The odds are against all of us, no matter how dashing or handsome. But lets say you give the same young man the ability to sway the young woman's heart and make her think she is in love with him from the first meeting. The young man never has to approach the girl. She comes to him and asks what he may desire. He never has to get to know her. He never shares that first awkward kiss, because he knows it will not be rejected. Of course, this would only be the case in a powerful love spell, but ask yourselves, does this young man actually love the girl he has cast the spell on? He didn't take the time to get to know her, her needs and never took a chance at being rejected or hurt to prove to himself that she was the right one. So the next time anyone decides to cast a love spell, ask yourself first, wouldn't it be more rewarding to do things naturally?

All this being said, it isn't necessary to ask yourself why, but It is my opinion that it is a good idea.

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