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My personal beliefs about the seven planes and dimensions.

There are supposedly seven dimensional planes. These are:

1. The physical plane we reincarnate on in physical bodies for a time, the lowest level.

2. A step up we find the astral plane, also called the emotional plane, which is where we go when we dream or die. Each plane is suppose to be a reflection of each other but with different laws.

3. A step up we find the mental plane a realm of thoughts also called the casual plane.

4. Above that the Buddhism plane also called the unity plane, which is a realm of nirvana and pure consciousness.

5. Moving up we come to the spiritual plane a place of spirits.

6. Next is the divine plane where spirit is said to have been originally created and went to the lower to perfect itself to join with the higher. Here on the divine plane we find heaven and the akashic records.

7. Above that is the highest, the logic plane of total oneness where God exist or is controlling everything.

Now I personally believe in two planes and that the spirit world and dreamworld are one. It is where we go when we sleep and die. It is all around us, and mother and father God are here and there, and our ancestors as well. It is where there is just a change of consciousness or awareness to get between there. There is the afterlife and the physical life. The spirit-world is one of dreams, a realm of fairy tales, fantasy, dreams, and magic where we can manifest our thoughts as reality. We can fly and become anything. This always existed but here they made the laws different but its still like for like, as above so below, as within so without. I believe the spirit-world was our first home and that spirit is the cause for the physical, we are spirit beings reincarnating. The body is a manifestation of our true self. We are who we are and we are spiritual beings. As for the other planes I believe that they exist to explain the levels of the mind and soul, but ultimately I recognize the two which are one.

-Blessed Be )O(

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