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this is a short detailed info sheet on vampires

vampires and there predesecors such as new bloods or initiates are real but any thing written in a book or in a movie is 95% fake probably and to get any real information seek out an apprentice or expert in vamparism and the undead such as my self the VAMPIRE DIRIES ARE FAAKEE unless of course the author has proof and you do not know if he has proof unless you know him personally and most spells on this site work and dark magic and necromancy and such are improved or enhanced if you are one i believe for any information see me or any other expert and for some reason my chat limit or speaking limit is reached

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Sep 28, 2019
Vampires are not physically real with the exception of Psychic Vampires, and even then they re merely humans who tap into energy. You will never become a vampire like the ones in the movies, you can work with their astral beings, and if you choose to dress and act like one, fine, but you will forever be human.

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