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A great deal of information on many shades of auras. ***Courtesy of Sarafiel***


I haven't seen many people with black in their aura. Usually, when someone has a trace of black it blends in with one of their other colors, creating a darker color and not actually black.

Black is the color of emptiness. There are several different ways that emptiness can express itself, but people with black auras always find themselves suffering from deep, unexplainable depression. They usually fill their free time with some kind of entertainment, you won't find black aura people enjoying quiet peaceful alone time. If they spend time by themselves, it's almost always with some hobby or activity to keep their mind occupied. Usually, when a black aura spends a lot of time alone in quiet meditation, it's because they have been overcome by a sense of hopelessness and find it difficult to do anything at all. Black auras are tortured souls.

Black is another warning color. Anyone with black in their aura should be very carefully watched. It means they have a dark soul. What they do with it varies, I've met some very good people who have black in their aura. However, they have a strong tendency toward darkness and a certain coldness of spirit.

Types of black:


  • Charcoal: This is a spiritual sort, but they are deeply troubled. They spend their life searching for meaning to the emptiness they feel. They may drift from one faith to another, never really giving much but not taking much either.
  • Grape: A purplish black, Grapes are somewhat chaotic. You can't really predict this one. I'd say more about what they're like but it's almost impossible to fit them into any sort of category. The only thing these people are is unreliable.
  • Ink: Blue-black, this is the color of void. Frequently people with Ink auras will contemplate suicide. Not the fake type of suicide attempt either, they almost always hide it from their friends. In fact, they usually hide most everything they feel from friends. They don't want people knowing how little emotion they actually have.



Rose is any of the pink colors that can't be called red or purple or orange. Rose varies from very deep to very pale. I will, as usual, be discussing all the shades I have seen in as much detail as I can. Rose is the color of charisma. It is difficult to quantify what this color represents in a person. The only consistency is that anyone with any rose in their aura will be very likable and charismatic. Usually, these people will (whether they know it or not) have an easy time making friends.

Rose is neither a warning color nor a safe color. Paired with other safe colors this person will be a fun person to be around, always the life of the party. Paired with warning colors, watch out! A person with a lot of red, orange and rose in their aura will get away with just about ANYTHING because of people like them so much. My ex-husband was like this, he abused me for years then told all my friends that I was delusional. Despite the fact that I had visible injuries from him they still believed him and most of them aren't friends with me anymore because they hate me for badmouthing him. Rose can be an incredibly dangerous color in the wrong combination. Be careful with this color, large quantities of it can actually mask both red and orange.

Types of rose:


  • Flamingo: A pinky orange. Flamingoes are ostentatious sorts. They are prone to wild displays of emotion. Drama kings and queens of the extremist variety. If you don't like dramatic displays, steer clear of Flamingoes.
  • Bubble Gum: This is a light pink, not quite pastel. Bubble gum auras are always likable but usually, you can't quite determine why. You'll find this color typically on those who love to socialize. Their greatest strength is their ability to collect friends or followers.
  • Magenta: A deep rose pink, Magentas are intense in a much different way than Flamingoes. Famous people frequently have this color to some degree. You will find the company of a Magenta exhausting if you are the type to like attention. Even if you're performing a breathtaking display of some sort, people will invariably be watching the Magenta pick their nose instead. They almost can't help how much people like them. I've met a few Magentas who actually hide from people because they are creeped out by everyone always trying to pay attention to them.
  • Petal: A pastel pinky rose. These people find their charisma in the purity of spirit. As you (if you've read the other aura color posts have guessed by now) this is rose with a lot of white mixed in. You can assume these people are mostly going to use their charisma to promote spiritualism, though they aren't always the religious sort. Like any of the whites, Petals are prone to religious views, but not restricted to them. Often you'll see a Petal aura performing in their church's Christmas Pageant as a child or singing in the choir when they grow up.

*Rose is a fairly rare color and all of the subdivisions are also rare.




Green is the color of love. True love of all kinds. People use the word "love" to describe many types of feelings. In some other languages, different words are used to describe the different types of love. Love for a mother is a different word from love for a lover is very different from love for a friend. Unlike the section on chartreuse, this is a place where I find being an English speaker to be advantageous. These different types of love are all slightly different shades of green. Distinct but very similar.

I consider green to be a "safe" color. Safe colors are the opposite of warning colors. If a person has primarily green as the color of their aura they are usually a person who will be a good person to get to know. These are not the sorts of people who will betray a friend. If I see any green at all I assume the person has some type of desire to help or heal others. Some people call green the "healer" color, but I have found it to be more of a generic color for loving others more than you love yourself.

Green is also the first of what I call "high energy" colors. What that means is that if you see mostly green in someone's aura you can assume either they already are a magic user, OR they would be very good at it...a natural...if they choose to become one. There are several high energy colors coming up and the first one I've talked about is green.

Types of green:


  • Leaf: This is the color of infatuation. This is just a little bit greener than the Grass color described in the Chartreuse post. This person will love passionately but shallowly. They always think it's "true" love because of the intensity of their feelings. They just don't know what "true" love really is. They don't understand that true love means more than just feeling intensely for a person. They don't get the idea that true love is full of sacrifice and requires more dedication than what you might apply to a much-loved hobby or sport. This is a very common color. Most of the Greens I see are Leaves. I don't think these are bad people, just a bit misguided with regards to love. I blame society more than anything else for the idea that love works like this.
  • Emerald: The color of a loving soul. An Emerald is just that, a true and rare jewel. Pure love motivates these people. When they say they love you they mean it. Emeralds are often the sort to get used a lot by the people they know because they have a very hard time saying no when someone asks for help. They are the sort who love too much and too deeply for their own good. Most of them don't see it that way, usually, they are proud of the fact that they are good loving people. A few of them resent the fact that the rest of the world doesn't act as they do. They're right. The world would be a much better place if there were more Emeralds in it. Sadly, this color is fairly uncommon.
  • Peacock: The color of the green in a peacock's tail. This is the color of protective love. You can expect a Peacock to have a cozy little "nest" of friends he/she keeps safe and invites over a lot. If you are one of his/her "flock", you can assume this person will do just about anything for you (short of something that would severely inconvenience him/her or worse one of the other "nestmates"). Female Peacocks (the term "Peahen" isn't appropriate because of the color differential in the bird) are frequently the "mother" figures of a group of friends. Inviting people over for food, friendship and fun. This color is very rare. People usually just aren't this generous or kind.
  • Celadon: This is a difficult color to describe. It is not quite aquamarine because it's too green. If you don't know the color, I suggest you type the word "celadon" into the Google image search and look at it. It is a whitish-bluish-grayish green. The color itself (like any color) has some variance within the types of celadon. Google should show you a good variety of celadons. This is a spiritual healer. Faith healers often have this color in their auras. Either that or it is someone who heals in the more metaphorical sense with faith or spirituality. I've also seen it in the auras of very holy men and women. The love aspect of this person's aura is more of transcendent spiritual quality. They love people on a higher level. I can only describe it as "God's love". For those without a Christian background perhaps you can apply an appropriate analogy for your faith. I'm not talking about the fakes here, the phonies who only claim to love people because God and Jesus say they should but in their heart are completely selfish. That is NOT what I'm talking about. I am talking about GENUINE spiritual love. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. This is another very rare color. If you see it you are lucky. If you have a Celadon for a friend, do your best to keep them. It won't be too difficult, these people like to have friends in their lives and are not judgmental.



Blue is a wonderful color. Blue is the color of a guardian spirit. Any person who people describe as "a very protective sort" will undoubtedly have some form of blue in their aura. Some people find Blues overbearing, some find them downright irritating. Honestly, all I can say to this is they always mean well. Sometimes Blues have a tendency toward being overprotective. Just understand that they have your best interest at heart. If you find yourself being warned against something by a blue aura, think twice. It is highly likely they're seeing risks you aren't thinking about. Blues have an almost mystical sense for danger that is unmatched by any other color.

This is another safe color. Blue as a dominant color makes for a wonderful friend. Those of you who enjoy having someone around to guard you (even from yourself) should invest some time in finding some blue aura friends. If your lover has any blue in their aura expect them to be highly protective of you and anyone they consider family or friend. Don't take it as jealousy, it typically isn't. It is just that they care and protectiveness is the way they show it.

Blue is another high energy color. The strongest shields come from those with blue in their aura. I've also found that Blues are remarkably good with defensive counter magic.

Types of blue:

Sky: This is a holy warrior. Maybe they don't do much to show it, but they protect people and it is a religious thing for them. Skies are always spiritual in some way. I've mostly seen this in Christians, but it can happen with any faith. I believe the Christian faith attracts them because of the "protect the world from itself" attitude most Christians foster. Expect them to try to convert you eventually to whatever faith they have (unless it's one that specifically frowns on conversions), simply because they believe faith is the strongest shield and they want you to have as much protection as possible. This is an uncommon color.

Sapphire: This is a melancholy sort of guardian. This can range from a blue that is almost black to a nearly electric neon blue, just like the sapphire gemstone. All Sapphires have a touch of sadness to them. It is as if in their hearts they know they can't protect everyone and it troubles them. The degree of sadness is reflected by the darkness of the color. Near-black Sapphires are horribly moody and withdrawn most of the time whereas the electric neon blue Sapphires usually do not show any melancholy at all except to the very perceptive OR their closest friends and loved ones. This is a moderately common color among magic users, less common among non-magic users.

Cerulean: An intense blue with a hint of green. If you've been reading all the color posts and are fairly good at recognizing patterns you will have guessed this one before you read it. Yes, these are the loving protectors. They protect everyone around them because they love people. They might even be the sort of person who hates people, but they will still love them too. It is possible to love and hate something at the same time. More frequently Cerulean are just the sorts of people who get along with everyone because they can always find something to like about someone. More common than Sapphire or Sky but less common than...

Bluebird: These are your basic blue, like the color of a bluebird or bluejay. Bluebirds take people under their proverbial wing as a matter of habit. It won't take long when you get to know one of these for them to start acting overprotective of you. It's in their nature, don't be offended it means they like you. They can typically be found butting their beaks into other people's business, mostly to try and make sure they aren't getting themselves into trouble. Many mothers develop at least a touch of this color after they have their children. The very nosy ones have more than a touch. Not all Bluebirds will develop the nosy overprotective trait, but they all have a high worrywart type of attitude about life. You won't find many thrill seekers with this color UNLESS there is a large amount of one of the more volatile reds in THE SAME saturation also. When this happens, it makes for a very interesting person. Bluebirds color is fairly common.

Navy: This is distinct from a dark Sapphire due to the quality of the blueness. A dark Sapphire will still have vivid color, while a Navy will be somewhat more on the gray scale. Navy is the color of a troubled guardian. This person has usually lost someone or something they were trying to protect. It may not be a person, it might be a concept. It might even be something as elusive as having lost their "innocence" or "trust". Whatever it is they are most likely feeling incomplete without it. They are more common than dark Sapphires but less intense. You won't necessarily pick them out of a crowd, whereas the dark Sapphires tend to be very distinctive.

  • Midnight: This is the darkest blue. This is a blue that is almost black. This is darker than a dark Sapphire, darker than a Navy. This is a person who is very depressed. Their lives are a constant struggle to protect people and no one appreciates or deserves their protection. They do it anyway because they feel worse if they don't bother. Most Midnights have tried at some point in their lives to "give up on" people in general and they find they just "can't" for some indescribable reason. Very uncommon.

This is distinct from a dark Sapphire due to the quality of the blueness. A dark Sapphire will still have vivid color, while a Navy will be somewhat more on the gray scale. Navy is the color of a troubled guardian. This person has usually lost someone or something they were trying to protect. It may not be a person, it might be a concept. It might even be something as elusive as having lost their "innocence" or "trust". Whatever it is they are most likely feeling incomplete without it. They are more common than dark Sapphires but less intense. You won't necessarily pick them out of a crowd, whereas the dark Sapphires tend to be very distinctive.



White is a very rare color. White is the color of spirituality. It differs from Violet (the color of mysticism) in that a White aura will almost always be found within or involved with some kind of organized religion. Violets are frequently content to be just a little on the intuitive side, without the application of a higher set of beliefs, Whites are not. When a White aura believes something, they're really fervent about it. It might come across as dogmatic or intense. Sometimes you might be tempted not to take them seriously about it. You should. White auras have a spiritual purity about them that can't be quantified. This does NOT mean they are all Christian (though a good number of them are). I have met a few Satanists with White auras. I have met White auras who are atheists...the tricky part about those is they tend to be very spiritual about their atheism. If you find it hard to understand, you aren't alone. White aura atheists are similar in belief to a man who told me once the reason he was an atheist was because in his opinion it was far more incredible and amazing to think about all this wonderful creation creating itself than to assume it was the doing of a higher being. While I didn't (and still don't) necessarily agree with him, I can't deny that he had a point. That is the kind of attitude you will find with White aura atheists. I will admit, they are terribly rare.

White is usually a safe color. The only exception is in the cases of White paired with a more passionate color like red or orange. In some situations, White can have a catalyst effect on the passionate reds or oranges. These are usually the "fire and brimstone" type, of whatever religion they call themselves. Oh and don't ever assume there aren't any of that sort within Wicca, Buddhism, Shinto, Shamanism, whatever... there are those types within EVERY religion. I have met some VERY dogmatic Wiccans. People are people, good and bad ones exist all places.

Types of white:

Ice: Ice auras tend to be...well kinda cold. They are the spiritual guardian type. Ice can range from nearly perfect White with a touch of Blue all the way to almost a Sky color. Ice auras will tend more toward the spiritual or more toward the protective depending on whether their color is more White or Blue. I've even seen this color with a touch of Green mixed in. If you've been following my posts you'll know that means their a more loving sort of spiritual guardian. They stay cold and detached because they feel they can't do their duty if they allow others to get close.

Cream: Cream auras are those who are spiritual who have not found their way. This is a warm white with a touch of yellow-brown color to it. Creams typically aren't happy with the spirituality they are involved with, but they can't break away due to their overactive sense of loyalty. They probably feel a bit guilty for the feelings of inadequacy. They also probably feel like it's their own fault for not applying themselves to their faith well enough. I've noticed this color tends to metamorph into a purer Ivory or Snow color if they find what they're looking for.

  • Ivory: This is an almost pure warm white. These people are highly active in their spiritual lives. You'll find them often at church fundraisers. The little old lady who always knits 500 scarves to sell to raise money for the disaster in Nigeria/Japan/wherever...that's probably someone with an Ivory aura. Expect these people to show their spirituality in a very physical way, from crafts to sell at a fundraiser right up to adopting children in need from poor countries.
  • Snow: The whitest of whites. I personally have only ever seen this color in the auras of holy men. This is a self-sacrificing, true connection to God/Gods sort of color. Snow is pure and unconditional faith. I really can't describe it any better than that, nor can I tell you what to expect from them other than to say they always do what their deity wants them to if at all possible.



Remember as you read these that most people have anywhere from 3-9 distinct colors in their aura. A few have less, a very few have more. If I am talking about a person with an aura of a certain color, what I mean is that it is a dominant color. Quite often people will have more than one dominant color. It is a tricky art which is why I believe it deserves more information in our forums. I will start with red, work my way around the normal rainbow, then go into colors found in auras that are not part of the rainbow such as pink, black, white and silver.

Some overall information about all red auras first. Red is the color of passion. A red aura means that a person will succumb to passionate urges more often than not. This is both passionate love and passionate hate. You will always be either loved/hated by this person or you will be ignored, there is rarely a middle ground of cool civility. Red itself is fairly rare in auras, but it seems to be getting more common. I see more red auras now than I did when I was learning to see auras back in the early nineties.

I consider red to be a warning color in an aura. It does not necessarily mean bad things about the person, but too much red usually indicates a personality volatile enough to make me want to avoid that individual for more than casual interaction. I certainly try not to get on the bad side of anyone with any red.

Types of red:

Brick: This is the color of someone who angers slowly. The temper is there but it smolders quiet and unseen. A Brick aura will rarely show their temper, but Heaven helps you when they do. The red passion boils out with a greater force for Brick, probably because it is so heavily suppressed. Brick also suggests a quiet brooding personality. They are typically also very thoughtful and insightful, this is an interesting color and it isn't very common.

Blood: This person will consume you with their passions and it can be a lot of fun. It can also be a carnival ride from Hell. Usually, Bloods will find themselves drawn toward addictive behavior because of their desire to see their passions fulfilled to the extreme. More common than Brick, but still not a common color. Moody and extreme, My opinion of Blood vary a lot depending on how they manage their own passions.

Carmine: This is the color of a gorgeous red car or a cherry pie. This is a more fun-loving passion. There is still a tendency toward irritability, especially if things aren't fun enough. This is one of the more common colors of red. Carmines won't bite your head off, much. They are more snippy than aggressive. Passive aggressive often have Carmine in their auras. I still like this color when I see it despite this because there isn't really a color that knows how to party quite as well as the Carmines.

Flame: This is a highly emotional passion. Flames tend to be artistic, expressive people. They also tend to be a little selfish. They are so absorbed in their own emotions they don't often think of other people. They usually use their passions to express themselves well. Often speaking with these people is an exhausting yet invigorating experience. I like this color, but only in small amounts. Large quantities of Flame tend to make a person highly unreasonable and grouchy. This is another of the more common reds.

  • Burgundy: This is darker and cooler than the Brick I was talking about before. This is a red so dark and cool it is almost black or purple, but not quite. This is the color of a troubled soul. Burgundy is a color of despair. The passions of the red soul are deepened to the point of being unobtainable on this plane. I have usually only seen this color in the auras of magic users. The inability to fulfill their passions in an earthly way draws them to magic in almost every case. They are seeking the satisfaction that this world does not have for them. I always know a person suffers from depression when I see this color. Burgundies always do at some point in their lives. Some of them find happiness eventually, most don't. This is a very rare color, much more rare than Brick. I have only seen this a few times in my life. I see it often in pictures of poets. Edgar Allen Poe had a lot of Burgundy in his aura.
  • Vermillion: This is a crazy color. Warmer than Carmine and cooler than Flame, this is the color of a ripe red tomato. Vermillions are crazy fun and crazy dangerous. These are intensely emotional and passionate people. Adrenaline junkies often have this color in their aura somewhere. These people are quite exciting but it can be overwhelming at times. If you are a cautious sort, try to avoid befriending a Vermillion aura, you'll bore them to tears and they'll scare you to death.



Orange is the color of emotion. It is more thoughtful and less primal than red. Still a very visceral color, orange tends to reflect people whose emotions rule their lives. When interacting with an orange aura, try to remember this person does not think rationally most of the time. This is a person who acts on instinct more often than not, going with what feels right rather than what might be more intelligent. This is not to say that orange auras cannot be intelligent people, they just tend toward being

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I still do not know the color of my energy or say aura.

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wow i just read black and too much stuff hit home... how terrible is that?

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Y'know when you have an orange aura and you read that, it's kinda insulting.

Jun 29, 2020
I have to ask, my aura Is not quite blue-black, as listed, but that description is the closest to me. Whenever I view my aura, not surrounding me, but within myself, it is covered in a silver shell which cracks and breaks away to show the black. Anyone ever encounter this? And for black, the best explanation I can give to visualize it is to go into a room at night, turn off all lights and stare into the darkness. That's the black I see.

Jun 29, 2020
As an aside, any help would be appreciated

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whats gray

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how do you know what the color of your aura is? Just by whichever description fits you best?

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