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Everyone has inner demons, and this will show you how to enter your soul and conqer the demons whom either posses or lies dorment in your spirit. What you need: A dark or dim lit room, strong will, focus, creativity

In this I am going to tell you how to do the trick and to control these evil spirits. Upon defeat of the demons, you will find spells are easier to cast and your rage is more controllable.

Note: Results vary from one person to another.(It took me 12 times before I beat my demons.) Most people have more than one demon that dwelled within them so be diligent and thorough.

----- The Ritual -----
Step 1: Silence is key in this, be sure to keep loud/distracting sounds out of the room your in.
Step 2: Close your eyes and relax your body and mind. Get to a point to where your relaxed and feel secure.(You may lay/ sit in any way you feel relaxed with. Just don't fall asleep.)
Step 3: Get into your subconscious. It's extremely easy if your willpower is stronger than most.
Step 4: Find them. Most times the demons hide in your subconscious because it is quite difficult to maintain this state.(The closer you are to the demon, the easier staying in the state is.)
Step 5: Fight them.(This is when a creative mind comes in handy.) When You find one then it will more likely try to tell you something, if not then it will try to fight you straight up. The ones who talk first may tell you something important so listen to what they say, but think first because they twist their words to confuse you.

Anyway, you have to imagine things going on around you that will effect the terrain or imagine an object.(Upon looking closer on these things then you will notice that it is not as you first envision them, they have more of a spiritual look to them.)

Note: When you beat some of them they may offer you some advice or assistance.(Do not tense up at all. Stay relaxed or you may get pulled out of this state.)

Step 6: When you beat all of the demons then that is when you're really going to have problems if your not strong willed. Your spirit will start to fade and the power of demons will try to take back their place.(Even the ones who helped you. I never got why that happened.) Try and hold yourself in there for as long as you can. It becomes so intense that it becomes somewhat physical but don't tense up, if you do then you will be pulled out of the state. If you hold up, the pressures will end and you may leave the mindset. Leave by just opening your eyes.(You may get an initial shock by seeing part of your spirit or you may not see it at all. This varies if you wait a little or not)


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Jul 22, 2019
How long do u relax for

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