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Name: XxKalinyaxX
Birthday: Apr 2000
Location: Looking for Akos and Asmosis
Gender: Female
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Discord- kalili1 and server is Celestial Divinity. Please join my server where like minded people are home
I'm Kalinya Alaire and I was born with immense power and a significant amount of knowledge containing mysteries and secrets; to learn the truth of this universe and the world. I seek knowledge and the truth which is a power of mine. My soul is very old: an Ancient soul if you must; back when the universe was just created.
I am in line with the gods and seek their aid when I need it but other than that, I find gods that disguise themselves as humans in this world as that is my mission. I do not participate in role-play or other forms necessary because I don't believe in role-play to make oneself feel better.
My zodiac sign is a Taurus and I?m a double earth sign. I?m practical and well-grounded that values; I?ve a strong desire to be surrounded by love and beauty, and is drawn to the material world and physical pleasures that come by. I?m sensual and tactile, placing great importance on touch and taste as my primary senses. I?m a bit stable and committed to my choices, and will endure until I?ve reach a point of personal satisfaction. I know how to commit, especially in love and skincare. Staying busy I guess keeps me sane, but remember to take my breaks. It?s not that I love danger-it?s that I take smart risks. Venus is my ruling planet of Taurus which influences my love of beauty, attraction, satisfaction, creativity and gratitude. This tender nature makes me great cooks, gardeners, lovers and artists. I?m loyal and don't like sudden changes, criticism or feeling guilty. I?m somewhat dependent on other people and/or their emotions and may have difficulty letting go of certain feelings. Despite any emotional challenges, I?ve a gift for providing a practical voice of reason in chaotic and unhealthy situations. Taurus portrays as the Wandering Bull in mythology that betrayed their best friend, goddess Hera and was condemned to wander the earth in search of freedom. I often feel a sense of unease as if something is constantly reminding me of past happiness and I retreat into my own world, feeling lonely and disconnected from my true self. To find love and happiness, I need to travel the world, shift my perspective or make adjustments to my belief system and values.
Sun sign- Taurus
?You?re the zodiac?s connoisseur and thanks to your impeccable taste, you crave the finest experiences life has to offer. You want to be surrounded by beauty at all times and thrive when your environment reflects your sense of style, whether it?s a perfectly assembled outfit, flowers on your desk or a carefully crafted playlist in your headphones. Slow and steady is your preferred pace and you get the best results when you take your time. Don?t let yourself be rushed- instead, savour all the delicious parts of the process. But do you know, get out of bed if somethings urgent?
Moon sign- Capricorn
?We get it-you?re busy and that?s exactly how you like it. Time is important to your and your favourite thing to spend it on is work you love. Your comfort activities are scheduling, automating and preparing. For you, there?s something so soothing about knowing you?ve got a contingency plan for every situation you can think of. Still, even you need a break every now and then. Having a fulfilling career and/or relationship is a great ambition but don?t forget to balance it out with relationships including the one you have with yourself. Also, pencil in time for self care because yes, you have it all together but you don?t always need to?
Rising sign- Aries
You?re fuelled by boundless enthusiasm, even before your morning coffee. Whatever you do, you overdo and that?s a good thing. If it?s never been done before, you?re going to be the first to try it and that drive to achieve what what no one else has is what makes you so successful. You?re a contender but the way you see it, the only person you?re competing with is yourself. You get fired up easily which is great when you?re conquering your to do list but less so when Someone cuts you off in traffic. Listen, we totally get that ?rush of blood to the head? sensation. But you?re at your best when you funnel that frustration into something else like workout or passion project.