Black magick and White magick

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A brief article on magick.

What is magick? Magick is a natural, neutral, energy source found in nature. Commonly spelled with a "k" to differentiate from stage "fake" magic, magick is an energy that brings natural change. This energy is ruled by nature, only effects energy, and never contradicts nature on the physical plane. Magick is neutral. Through spells and interaction with us, it gains a positive or negative charge. Magick is intention, not colour.

What are spells? Spells are essentially ritualized prayers, in which you focus and direct this magickal energy on a desired path to bring a natural desired change. A spell can be as simple or complex as one desires. Lighting a candle is just as powerful as a week-long casting with multiple items. What matters is the energy you put into it. Spells focus the energy, charges it with intention, and the items used in the spell further specifies the intention of the spells goal.

Magick is neutral, it is neither good or evil, it is the caster's intentions. Magick doesn't have a colour either. Life isn't completely good or evil, everything has a grey area. Stealing is wrong, but what if you steal food for your hungry family? Take the time to contemplate what you feel is right and wrong before casting. Why most people believe magick is "black and white" is the result of society. It is ingrained that there are good "white" witches and bad "black" witches. The biggest problem with this way of thinking is its deeply ingrained racism. Take a step back and asking yourself "why" can result in shocking revelations. Historically, white is seen as pure and good not due to natural law, but the result of cultures assuming Caucasians were "good" and anyone of any darker skin was "bad." Colour theory shows the opposite of two colours. One could easily be a "purple witch" and "yellow witch" but the reason it's "black" and "white" is rooted in the belief darker tones are inherently wrong. Knowing this and still insisting on labelling magick with colour and not intention doesn't make you good or bad, but take a moment as ask yourself why you're fine with colouring magick going forward.

Take time to learn about yourself and magick before casting a spell. Use this time to ask yourself questions and seek answers. While spell casting is "cool" in the eyes of many, really ask yourself what the cost is. Are you fine casting a love spell to get your crush if it means breaking up a relationship? Is it fine to curse someone who harmed you first? What do you consider harmful? Is it simply physical harm, or does emotional, mental, and verbal actions fall into harmful behaviour? Do you believe in karma, the threefold law, night or both? Taking the time to discover who you are, connect with the natural flow of energy, and identify what you feel is right and wrong, can help you when casting spells to understand how the spell could potentially work, and be aware of your effect on the energy.

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