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An informative article describing who/what the grigori were.

The Grigori:

Name(s) in History:

Referred to in the Book of Daniel(4:13, 4:17, 4:23) as the Watchers or Holy Ones. Nebuchadnezzar II uses the term first to describe an experience he has with such a being within one of his dreams. The Greek word 'egrgoroi', meaning 'watcher', appears in both the Book of Jubilees(Jub. 3:15, 5:1) and the Book of Lamentations. It appears again in Old Testament pseudepigrapha, such as the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch, which is not accepted by all Jews or Christians, is said to be written by Enoch, who is the great-grandfather of Noah. Throughout the Dead Sea Scrolls, Arabic writing and fragments of irin we-qadishin are found. This phrase, similar in nature to the previous ones, means "Watchers and Holy Ones". Irin, meaning Watcher, is a term often viewed as similar to the Greek word for Angel. The translations vary and so do the common names we give the Grigori: "The Watchers", "The Ones Who Never Sleep","Those Who Are Awake".

The Story:

The story of the Grigori begins as a derivative from the 6th chapter of Genesis in the first section of Enoch: The Book of the Watchers. (This takes place shortly the well-known Fall when Morning Star fell). It goes into length describing the Sons of God and the offspring they bore.-though later theology deemed the Sons of God as meaning the descendants of Cain, rather than any other being. The Grigori are described as angels with human characteristics and traits. They were created to go to Earth and watch over humanity in an effort to protect it without interfering. They were most suited for this task, as their traits allowed them to blend in and interact with humans on a level that other angels could not. They had many of the same emotions humans did, which granted them the ability to understand them far more than any other. They spent all of their time on Earth with humans, and the interaction between the two eventually led to their corruptibility and their becoming too human for their own good.

Here are some names of the leaders that ruled the Grigori:
"These are the names of their chiefs: Samyaza, who was their leader, Urakabarameel, Akibeel, Tamiel, Ramuel, Danel, Azkeel, Saraknyal, Asael, Armers, Batraal, Anane, Zavebe, Samsaveel, Ertael, Turel, Yomyael, Azazyel (also known as Azazel). These were the prefects of the two hundred angels, and the remainder were all with them." (1Enoch 7:9)

It became apparent that the Grigori had begun to bond too closely with humans. They taught them forbidden knowledge and crafts that otherwise would have taken long to develop, such as weaponry and sorcery. Enoch goes so far as to say, "...but they chose husbands and wives from among the humans and led greatly debauched lives, neglecting their heavenly duties...". There had been debates among the churches who decided this book was not to be taught as to the gender identities of the Grigori- as some believe angels to be genderless. However, in Genesis 6:4 it clearly states that the "sons of God" went to the daughters of men and had children with them. Their offspring were brutal, and violent giants called the Nephilim. Some stories indicate that the Grigori were bound into the Earth as punishment to await their fate on Judgment Day and are thusly considered to be Fallen Angels.

The Nephilim:
"In those days, there were giants on the earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings." Genesis 6:4
"But now the giants who are from the [union of the] spirits and the flesh shall be called evil spirits upon the earth." Enoch 15:8

Also referred to as Anakim. Their destructive tendencies were a constant endangerment to humans . In Chapter 7 of the Book of Enoch, it states that the Nephilim could no longer sustain themselves and began to consume men by eating their flesh and consuming their blood, as well as eating the beasts of the Earth. God decided that the sins of man and the sins of the Grigori are high, and decrees a Great Flood. This ties into the well-known story of the flood, as Noah is warned by the angel Uriel of the impending doom so that he may save his family and thus preserve the human race. Genesis 6:4 tells us that the Nephilim remain, even after the flood. Some assume that the references to "giants" throughout the Bible are references to the Nephilim bloodline.

"Several tribes are encountered in the campaign of the Five Kings in Abraham's day that some argue might be Nephilim or hybrids of Nephilim. They are described as having become several tribes occupying the lands around the Valley of Siddim (Dead Sea) and evidently intermixed with the Canaanites."
"The last Scriptural reference to the giants may be Isaiah 45:14 , which prophecies that Sabean "men of stature" will become slaves in chains of the redeemed Israelites.

The characteristics of these tribes described in Scripture:
-Their height was two or three times the height of normal men.
-They were associated with some kind of unholy intermixing before the Flood.
-They were closely associated with the wicked Canaanites after the Flood.
-In one case they are described as polydactyl (extra fingers and toes).
-Unlike the Canaanites, there are no examples of Nephilim who became followers of God.

Enochian Magick:
I suggest visiting the above two sites if you wish to learn more about this subject. It provides several sources for information regarding what is known as Enochian magick. It is based on the writings of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. It is essentially ceremonial magick based on "the evocation and commanding of spirits". Aleister Crowley may be credited for bringing enochian magick into modern popularity and use. "Crowleys first work on Enochian was Liber Chanokh, which details the Golden Dawns understanding of the Enochian magic sytem. However, Crowleys most famous work on the Enochian system is The Vision and the Voice (Liber 418), which detail his his visions formed after from working with the Calls of the Aethyrs (from the Enochian Keys)."


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