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This article, as the title suggests, will cover the bases and particulars of external/internal healing with the use of crystals.

When healing or attempting to heal someone using crystals, utilizing a wand of the same type crystal will greatly increase the ease and ability with which the healer can direct the flow of energy to and from both the subject and the healer. The point of the wand, when directed at the subject will move energy into/towards them, when direct opposite of them, it will move energy out/away of/from them (commonly the point if directed at them will rest upon their skin, or the area at which it is pointed). When the healer removes energy from the subject it is advisable to draw cleaner, more pure energy up from the ground, channeling it through the healer and into the subject via wand to replace whatever energy was removed.

The first, and most important step to healing is to lull the subject into a trance or state of deep relaxation. Usually, a salt lamp used for energy purification will help greatly with this step. Accompanied with ambiance and stress-reducing music this is found to be a very effective method of relaxing the subject. Incense is also encouraged, it is not necessary but can be of great benefit for both the healer and the subject. Not only does the subject need to be relaxed, but so too does the healer for they must welcome and direct gently the delicate energy they will be working with. All of these things are meant to relax both participants in this act of healing.

The second step in the healing process is to target the problem area and the negative energies that lurk within. By using a crystal with metaphysical properties that correspond with the problems (be it pain, stiffness, etc.) the healer will be able to draw out the energies that either cause or worsen the undesired state of well-being. The actual act of drawing the negative energy out is done by directing the pointer end of the wand away from the targeted area and becoming a sort of "energy vacuum", taking the negative energy into yourself where it will be directed into the ground, away from both the healer and the subject. This will make room for the positive energy to replace it.

The third, and final, stage is the act of replacing the previously removed negative energy with newly siphoned positive energy. This is done by directing the pointer end of the wand at the target area. When ready, the healer draws new, clean energy up from the ground into themselves. Directing the energy through their arm, into the wand, and then into the subject.

When doing the previously mentioned final step, it is proven to be helpful that the healer visualizes the process as the making of tea. The subject being healed can be viewed as the cup. The healer can be viewed as the hot water, and the crystal (and the metaphysical energies within it) can be viewed as the tea bag.

The process described here has yielded very favorable results when used on every previous subject to undergo this form of healing. There are a few, possible, ramifications which include: headaches afflicting the healer after each session due to retaining (either intentionally or unintentionally) some of the removed negative energies and the possible temporary passing on of symptoms (be them mental or physical) that the subject was or is afflicted with.

Happy Healing.

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