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An explanation and walk-through of the ancient Egyptian practice of the declaration of innocence.

In Egyptian Ritual Magick there is a ritual known as the "negative confession" or "declaration of innocence". This comes from the Book of the Dead. In order for a someone to be purified and allowed rebirth (in Egyptian religion) they must recite the declaration of innocence in the Hall of Two Truths. It is said that the soul would be weighed by Anubis using Ma'at's feather: punishment or reward would depend on the weight of the soul. The negative confessions are principles that should be lived by in order to live in a way suited by Ma'at.

Below is an adaptation from the Papyrus of Ani.
Those wishing to use this should find a quiet and secluded place where they may focus.
Generally, those who wish to do the entire chant will sit in a comfortable position.
Eyes should be closed and mind should be cleared.
Begin to focus on the chant:

"I have not turned the earth without cause.
I have not taken milk from the mouths of children.
I have not made anyone hungry by means of my greed.
I have not deprived a humble man of his property.
I have not exploited the weakness of any man.
I am pure."

Pause here and reflect on the above statements. Seek to better yourself by following them.
Consider if you have broken any of these statements. Clear your mind once more.

"I have not disturbed the air without cause.
I have not befriended evil men.
I have not demanded undo praise for my name.
I have not destroyed any just man's work.
I have not driven any man to act against another.
I am pure."

Pause once more and reflect on the above statements. Have you gone against any of these?
Focus on the ones you feel you need to work on, then clear your mind.

"I have not extinguished the fire in its season.
I have not done anything that is hateful in the eyes of the gods.
I have not stolen offerings from the altars of the gods.
I have not committed unclean acts in the sanctuaries of the gods.
I have not turned away from any god in fear or shame.
I am pure."

Pause for a longer period of time. Reflect on the God(s) you worship, and how these statements apply to them. Focus on your intention to better yourself in these areas. Visualize yourself abiding by these statements. Clear your mind.

"I have not held back the water in its season.
I have not caused misery to those around me.
I have not inflicted suffering or pain.
I have not made anyone weep with sorrow.
I have not committed evil against mankind.
I am pure. "

As you reflect on this, become aware of your surroundings once more. Examine yourself and compare to the above statements. You may remain in a meditative state as long as you wish, and close in any manner you deem necessary.

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