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How to listen to what Nature has to say to us.

Nature can be a powerful thing, we need to stop and listen for awhile at the many things nature as to say to us.If we stop and listen for awhile the spirits of nature can guide you in life answering your questions and so forth.Many of our ancestors used the spirits of nature to answer their questions.

The following exercise will help you connect with the spirits of nature.

  1. Find a place outside such as a wooded area/ park somewhere you'll not be disturbed.
  2. First think of your question, writing this down before-hand will also help.
  3. Find a quiet place in the area you'll be walking in- this is your starting point.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  5. Breath deeply and slowly in for 4 out for 4 do this for a few moments untill you feel fully relaxed.
  6. Call on your spirit helpers/ guides, animal, thanking them for their presence and help.
  7. Clearly think of your question and focus on it for a few moments.
  8. Open your eyes, whatever you feel, hear or see is your answer , this may not make sense straight away, notice where your attention is drawn to and what it shifts to, the spirit is directing you even though you may not think so.
  9.  Observe any thoughts that may be triggered by what your experiencing, look around , walk about to where you are guided to until you feel complete.
  10. Return to your starting place and sit and meditate on what you just experienced.
  11.  When your ready write down your experiences and feelings recording every detail.

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