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Quick overview of Spiritual Satanism written by XxRubyxX at the request of Lee Darkermaster Banks.

I was asked to write this lesson/article by darkermaster so everyone in here can get an understanding, or at least try toof what it's about.

First and foremost before continuing this, I'd like to say that it's not my intention to offend anyone here or create Satanic disunity for the Satanist's in Deep Arts.If you do not want to know about what Satanism actually is and you'd rather listen to the lies of the media, then I strongly suggest that you stop right now from reading further if you are going to be offended by my beliefs.

I'm aware that there are many other different branches of the Left Hand Path, those being, LaVeyan Satanism, Spiritual Satanism, Christian Satanism, and Luciferian, and the Setian religion, and many more I'm sure.If you call yourself a Satanist, then that's one thing we all have in common: Satan, and whilst in here I will agree to disagreeas much as your beliefs will be conflicting to my own.



Who is Satan?

Satan is a deity, but to Spiritual Satanist's, he is more than just that, we see Him to be God of the Earth, and thisis in his Sumerian name; Enki. Ki=Earth translated from old Sumerian clay tablets. He isn't a monster with horns, tail and wings, he is quite the contrary. Most paintings that don't decipher him as a monstershow him to be a beautiful muscular man, tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes and very handsome.

Other names that he goes by are: Ea (again, Sumerian) and Lucifer-Roman Catholic from my knowledge which means bringer of light and knowledge.Satan means adversary and was dervied from the chant "Sa ta na mas". He is always there for His children when we call upon Him in time of need, and he is very loving. I know that from experience. :)


Do Satanist's worship the Devil?

Unfortunately you do get some crack heads out there who are into this stuff, giving us a bad name but no we don't. These are the kind that go out and murder children and babies thinking it's "cool".We know the Christian Devil to be a fictional character created by the church. Many of us choose to call Satan, by thename given to him by the Hebrews because that's what He stands for-"the adversary".We also know Jehova (God/Yahweh/YHVH/G-d/Allah) to be a thought form.

True Spiritual Satanist's respect life as much as we respect and revere Satan. This means we don't take itaway so easily and the only case that would probably be deemed acceptable is that of self defence/protection. Some of us do what are known as "self sacrificies" which is giving our own blood from pricking our finger andconsencrating our objects this way.This can be seen here with my runes, I only used my finger and squeezed a little bit out with a needle:


This will have to be copy and pasted into your browser.


Giving blood/energy is done because it is seen as the best sacrifice possible as it's giving somethingof our own which is very powerful when done properly.So that rules out the sacrifice of human's, babies, and black cats, lol. :)



Most of us for the most part are neutral towards "black magick", although you will get the odd one of us who is totally against it, like my brother in Satan.

We do not acknowledge Karma or the Rule of Three. We believe that we can overcome so calledpast life Karma through knowledge and putting that knowledge to use.We also place no boundaries upon ourselves but *do* use common sense, we also abide by the laws and at all times act in legal manners. When casting spells we mainly work with our mind and not props, we use the timing of the planets, we know how to invoke and evoke properly, and the correct day of course. Some of us may choose to chant our spells so that they gain more power and have a higher success of working.We affirm our auras for protection, good influence, etc, and we believe that we control our destiny, but do not control fate.

Fate= the planets in our astrology charts, how the planets are aligned at the occurance of a certain event in our lives, (such as the loss of a loved one, operations, and so forth), and the degreethat the planet is and aspects.We also live by nature too, this means that if we take, we give back, be it our own energy or something else.I personally give back my own energy, and we respect our home/Earth.



The whole point of meditation for a Spiritual Satanist is that of self empowerment. Self empowerment is empoweringour souls. Many work with higher magick when we have enough experience, this involves invoking the elements which is whatI'm currently doing now, evocation, divination, and other such practicies. Basic meditation programmes consist of; strengthening our chakras which is done by breathing in the colour energyof that chakra, or white-gold energy into it.We also do void meditation (silencing the mind for a certain amount of time) and breathing techniques. Yoga and Tai Chi are practiced in Spiritual Satanism quite often too. Although we do not follow the strict diet laws as we believe that this is not needed to gain spiritual power.As for the chakras we know there to be 9 main major ones.The 9 and 8 ones being: the Sun and Moon chakras, the Sun chakra stores excess energy and is gold in it's colour,hence it's name.


The Gods:

We will always have the LaVeyan Satanist and the Spiritual Satanist who will disagree with each other as darkermaster saidto me. He's right there, but "agree to disagree" with this part.There are Four Crowned Princes/Princess. Satan, Enlil as I call him but most commonly known as Beezlebub, and Azazeland Astaroth. In some paths, Azazel like Set is an aspect of Satan.But Azazel is a completely different God altogether, he is the twin brother to his sister Astaroth-known as a woman in Spiritual Satanism. We see the Gods to actually exist, and many have communicated with them such as myself.Each Spiritual Satanist has a guardian that helps them along their advancement, watches out for us and listens to our problems.The 72 Goetic Gods are seen to be as high the Crowned Princes/Princess, but obviously with different ranks and specialties.

There are however, lesser Gods that are known such as Pazuzu and Bes.It is often common for someone to have the same guardian as another. Rituals: Rituals are our personal time between Satan and the Gods. Things maybe discussed here, or you can use this timeto worship, praise and get to know Satan as a being, all the Gods are indvidual with likes and dislikes.

Rites (workings, whatever you wish to call them) are done during this time for beginners new to magick and Satanism,as this greatly enhances them. The Gods also teach us this time, such as meditations, etc, we always give something back to them though! In Satanism like all religions there are symbols. Each symbol has a meaning to it that has to do with self advancement,or Satan himself.

Satan has sacred animals, such as the goat, the peacock and the raven.The ankh is also seen a lot in Spiritual Satanism at least. This symbolizes the soul and the Christian cross was derived from this(I read this on an Egyptology site last night),it is also seen as life, and one out look on it, is that it is shaped like a womb and a penis symbolizing this. Last but not least, we do not sell our souls as some people claim.We dedicate which is entirely different, we dedicate for many reasons, mainly because for us we have seen our own truth to things,and this is the path we wish to follow.Just like when Wiccan's initiate themselves after their year and a day..

A lot of us, I think you'll find are knowledgeable in all aspects of the occult, not just our own path.I know for one that I am..I always look to different areas too.

We believe in having diverse knowledge in science, religion and history, and everything really. We are people who accept science too and wish it's progress.


Sites to look into for further information:




The last one is a LaVeyan site.

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