Clearing and Dedicating Your Space

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The Earth is sacred space, the Air, the Water. There is sacred space all around you. This is for a place of privacy and for performing magick.

If this area is a large one, sweep it with a ritual broom.

You may prefer to smudge with sage or sprinkle with water containing a cleansing or protective herb, or water energized by the full moon.

As you sweep or smudge, recite the following:

"Energy of a Negative kind Cleansed from this Space I have defined.

I cleanse this space of things that were. Space now to be where mind will stir.

I dedicate to Light and Air. Sacred space I here declare.

Dark and Shadow also here. Space Dedicated with no fear.

In this space I am to learn. Candles, incense I will burn.

Natural energy will abound. With or without circle east around.

Light and Shadows I will find in this space my thoughts enshrined.

A place to think with mind unbound. In sacred space that is new found.

I cleanse this space of things that were. Space now to be where mind will stir."

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