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This is one of the ways of charging an item, tool or object for magical purposes.

The ritual of charging items is performed so that the tools, objects you use get a deeper connection with you which can manifest by greater success in spell casting also if you loose one of the charged object it will be easier for you to find it because by charging it you are actually pouting your life force in it and you are actually personalizing the object-spiritually.


The ritual must be performed on a full moon or morning sun depends for what purpose it is used (the item)


  • A bowl of cold water (better if crystal bowl)
  • Pin or knife
  • Item(s), object(s) you are about to charge.


If the ritual is performed at night : Place the bowl in the open so the moon's light can reflect in it let it stay so for an hour and while its there you can make a company to the bowl by meditating near it and putting some will in it (not kidding) for the water is a great agent and collector of informations and energies.

If the ritual is performed in the morning : Place the bowl under the Sun.

When done with it, place the bowl on your altar or in your front/back yard on the soil than take the pin or the knife you got before and make your self bleed but be careful what parts of the body you bleed. All you need is to drop 10 drops of blood in the water and mix it with the knife or with hand (but be careful not to put the bleeding hand in it in case you cut your hand, finger etc)

The water should have very light oringeish color and then you will know its ready. Place one object after another in the bowl if there are many you wish to charge but when one is placed in, feel your energy floating down the arm to your fist while holding the item and that energy going inside the item. You will know when the item is ready to be pulled out of the water. Same procedure with the other items.

The water wont go away by itself, it wont vaporize so because of that you should pour it in a bottle and keep it for other rituals because you have made that water sacred by mixing your life force with the nature. If you don't want to keep the water than pour it in some plant do not throw it in the river or down the draining-it will cause some side effect or worse. And your items are now charged with your own life force and they belong to you and you belong to them.


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