Calling Your Family Spirits

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to call your family spirits for any major celebrations.


  • 13 white candles
  • 13 black candles
  • 4 sky blue candles
  • 4 dark blue candles
  • 4 navy blue candles
  • 4 brown candles
  • 4 red candles
  • 4 green candles
  • 2 silver candles
  • 2 gold candles
  • 10-20 assorted candles
  • Herbs oils salts waters
  • A list of names of the people spirits that you are going to call upon


Pre-rituals: This ritual should be performed during the New Moon but is not limited to this phase. Need, not season should determine the time of performance There is real power in this blessing. It should not be used other than the time of need nor should it ever be used promiscuously. The purpose is to bring one in closer contact to the Godhead. It can also serve as a minor dedication for the solitary witch. It can also be used as a minor exorcism to banish an negative forces that may have gathered around the person. It may be performed by any person upon her/himself. The ritual needs to be performed in a quiet place, free from distractions and in the nude. The purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse yourself, from the inside and out, of negative energies and prepare your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self for Circle. A ritual bath is a rite in and of itself. The rite is ideally done just prior to Circle, but this is not always the case. [An example of such is if you have to travel to the meeting place.] After the rite is completed and you must travel to another place for Circle, try to keep your mind in a Spiritual frame as this will aid you in Circle. The bath water should be infused with salts, herbs oils and colors that are harmonious with the work to be done in Circle.

How to Cleanse or Purify a Sacred Space

In many Pagan and Wiccan traditions, it is considered important to purify or cleanse a space before any sort of ritual can take place. There are a several different ways of doing this, and how you do it will depend in part upon the rules or guidelines of your tradition. If you're a solitary, or your tradition is eclectic, then you may choose the method that works best for you. Typically, when an area is ritually purified, it is done in a clockwise, or deosil, direction, but this may vary from one tradition to the next.


With smudging, you can use sage, sweet grass, or other herbs. You can also use incense, if you like. The purpose of smudging is to use smoke to carry negative energy out of the area. When you light sage or sweet grass, allow it to flame for a moment and then blow out the flame. This will leave you with a burning herb bundle, which will create smoke.


In some cases, you may wish to use aspersing as a method of cleaning a space. Aspersing means using liquid -- the power of water -- to purify the area. Although this is typically done by sprinkling consecrated water around the perimeter of the space, you can also asperge with milk, wine, or either of these blended with honey.


Typically, the broom is associated with cleaning and purification. You can use a broom or besom to go around the edges of the space, sweeping negativity away as you go. It's a good idea to start and finish near a door, so that negative energy can literally be swept outside.

Salt Salt

Sea salt has been used for purification for thousands of years. Use a bowl of sea salt, sprinkled around the area, to cleanse the space and make it sacred.


In many cultures, fire is used to ritually purify and cleanse a space. You can do this by lighting a candle and walking the area, or sprinkling cooled ashes around the perimeter (although this can be messy to clean up if you're inside).

The Ritual:

 Select the Herbs, [it is best to have your herbs in a satchel for easier clean-up] oils and salts [of the same color as the candle] that you will be using. Have a censer and charcoal block ready to burn a corresponding incense on. Anoint a candle of appropriate color [Possibly using the same oil as you are using in the bath water.] If you have a shrine set up in your bathroom, there should be a Goddess and God candle present. Have some Rite Water ready.

[Rite Water is made from: 1/3 sea-water (river-water with sea-salt added will do if sea-water is unavailable); 1/3 river-water; 1/3 spring-water (store bought is okay).]

Have a tape recorder with meditation music in the bathroom with you, as its aid to visualization and meditation is invaluable. [Be cautious to have the tape recorder far away from any water and do not touch it while wet.] A glass of wine is also needed for consumption upon completion of the rite. And your libation dish for the libation to the God and Goddess.

Rise up out of the tub and do a self blessing like the following: Anoint each area while saying aloud: Blessed be my Mind, that learns of Your ways [anointing your forehead] Blessed be my eyes, that have seen this day. Blessed be my lips, That utter your names and keep your secrets. Blessed be my breast(s), formed in strength (Beauty). Blessed be the phallus (Womb), For without which I would not be. Blessed be my knees, that shall kneel at thy Sacred Altar. Blessed be my feet, that have brought me in these ways. Pour a libation to the Gods and drink the wine.

When dried, robe, clean-up the bathroom and take the libation outside to return it to the Earth.

The rite is ended. So mote it be.

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Jun 19, 2019
A lot of materials for this ritual.

May 17, 2020

May 20, 2020
This is to call upon your ancestors presence? Cleanse your space, set up an ancestor altar, and light one candle with some pictures and objects representing them. Offerings of things they enjoyed in life are a good idea. That is all you really need. Some spells will require many items to complete, but this is essentially ''light a thousand candles'' which could be narrowed down to one candle., or one candle per person if you are inviting a handful of loved ones you knew in life.

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