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Some exercises to help

For those who are having trouble with visualization, I thought I would post a few exercises to hopefully assist you.Learning how to visualize at an optimum level will make your spells far more effective. Optimum visualization will also be necessary for those who wish success in the more advanced areas of magick. Here are a few simple exercises to help improve your visualization skills!

1. Get a blank piece of paper. With a black marker, inscribe the paper with a letter or rune.Attach it to a wall that you can easily sit in front of. Sit down and close your eyes. Now, seethe letter in your mind's eye.If you have a hard time just open your eyes, study the paper and try again. Don't expect to see the letter or rune the first time as this takes practice and determination. Just keep trying and the more you practice, the clearer the image will become until it is as clear in your mind's eye as in your actual eyes.

2. Sit in a comfortable, quiet place and imagine picking up a juicy, ripe strawberry from a bowl of berries. Feel the texture of the berry, the little green leaves. Then imagine lifting it up to your nose to smell its sweet aroma. Can you smell it? Now imagine yourself tasting it. Do you taste it? Can you see it in your mind? Alternate fruits that appeal to you until you can see and taste them all.

3. Imagine a red number seven in your mind's eye. Then an orange 6, A  yellow 5, Green 4, Blue 3, Indigo 2, Violet 1.

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