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1. Acknowledge that there is a power within you that is greater than yourself.

2. Meditate as an active listener, not just always the asker.

3. Now summon the angels. (They usually speak in your own thought voice.)

4. Experience the outpouring of creative energy releasing within you like a warm incubator light.

5. Sigh in thanksgiving as you empty your crystal chalice temple of stale thoughts and negative patterns.

6. Be receptive to listening. Let go of those blocks like notions, assumptions, myths and criticism that drown out creativity, risks and unscientific notions.

7. Bless this declaration and instill positive affirmation rather than those usual notes of self-criticism.

8. Ask for openness. One that does not criticize yourself. If that dreadful voice arises (and it does), let go of it.

9. Picture yourself as a vital, enthusiastic, healthy, peaceful and creative sparkle.

10. Embrace and encounter the unlimited power within yourself.

11. Recognize that you are a sacred creative being, inspired by angels, full of exciting ideas and boundless creative energy.

12. Act on your hunches.

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