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Angelic Circle Casting

Rated 4/5 Stars
A ritual describing how to perform an angelic circle casting.


  • Sword/wand/athame
  • White feathers (optional)
  • Spring water
  • Sea salt
  • Alter bell

To cast the angelic circle:
**Note: This should be done before ALL spells for protection and to properly channel your energy into your intention.**

Begin by walking clockwise in a circle around your chosen space, holding your sword of power before you. If the space is small, turn in the same direction. If you don't yet have a ritual sword, point with your finger, or use a wand or athame instead. Visualize a bright white light coming from the point of the sword and creating a sacred circle around you. This light expands to form a bubble that surrounds you.

As you walk around the circle say: "Celestial angels now flying round, each casts a white feather to the ground. I cast this circle strong and true, may angels guide the magick I do. Outside of time, outside of space, this circle is sealed with angel grace. So mote it be."

Your angel circle is now cast and you should cleanse and purify the space by sprinkling a solution of spring water and sea salt around the circle. You may also wish to define your space by scattering white feathers around the perimeter of the circle.

Ringing in the angelic quarters:
Next you need to invoke the four archangels at the compass points of your circle: This is known as calling the quarters. In this instance, you are going to ring in the quarters using the alter bell. Stand in your circle and face north.

Ring the bell 3 times and say: "I call on Uriel, angel of the north: Angel of magick and dreams, protector of witches. I call you here to guard and protect this sacred space."

Now face east, ring the bell 3 times and say: "I call on Raphael, angel of the east: Light bearer and divine healer, I call you here to guard and protect this sacred space."

Now face south, ring the bell 3 times and say: "I call on Michael, angel of the south: Angel of justice, valor and strength. I call you here to guard and protect this sacred space."

Finally face west, ring the bell 3 times and say: "I call on Gabriel, angel of the west: Protector of women and children, bringing peace to all. I call you here to guard and protect this sacred space."
Your circle is now guarded on all sides by the power of the angels.

The Queen of the Stars:
Is the same as the Wiccan Goddess and can be replaced with whichever goddess you wish.

To invoke the Queen of the Stars:
Ring your alter bell 3 times and say: "Queen of the stars angel friend, I call you here your power to lend. I invoke you to my circle round, where magick is made and spells unbound. I call you here on beams of light, Queen of Stars, Queen of Light."Stand in silence for a moment then go on to invoke the Lord of Light.

The Lord of Light:
Is the same as the Wiccan God and can be replaced with whichever god you wish.

To invoke the Lord of Light:
Ring your alter bell 3 times and say: "Lord of Light angel friend, I call you here your powers to lend. I invoke you here to my circle round, where magick is made and spells unbound. Invoking now your gentle might, be welcome here, Lord of Light."
Stand in silence for a moment and then settle down within your magick circle to begin your spell craft.

**Note: At this point you have crossed the astral bridge of angels and are between the worlds, within your sacred space. This is the time to perform any angel craft spells or rituals you have planned, to attune with your guardian angel or to perform angelic divinations or mediations. **

Closing the circle:
Once all your magickal work is completed, you must release all the powers you have called, take down the circle and tidy your alter in preparation for next time.

Start by releasing the power of the Lord of Light and the Queen of the Stars by saying: "Lord of Light, Queen of Stars, I give thanks for your presence in this circle. I release you in perfect love and perfect trust. Blessed be. "Ring the alter bell twice.
You should then release the quarters in reverse order, starting in the west. Go around the circle, saying: "Angel I release you and give thanks. Blessed be. "Ring the bell once to close each quarter and then move on to the next.

You should then take down the circle by turning anti clockwise with your sword, visualizing the light being drawn back into the blade and saying: "The circle is open, never broken. In angel grace, the spell is spoken. "Then clear away so that your alter space is neat and tidy again. This will help bring your mind back across the bridge of angels and into the everyday world once more.
If you wish to leave offerings of cakes and wine/juice for divinity, now is the time to place them on your alter.

Finally ground your energies by eating and drinking something to re-balance your internal energies. In witchcraft, this is known as the partaking of cakes and ale.

**Note: try your best not to break the circle because it releases the energy and breaks the spell or sometimes creates effects you didnt desire."
Copyright belongs to ~Angels-Haven http://angels-haven.deviantart.com/art/Angelic-Circle-Casting-100806914

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